Blackjack: Full guide

Blackjack is a classic table game consisting in comparing the cards in which one or more player tries to overcome the casino, obtaining a better card layout than the dealer. This is the most popular casino game in the world, available both in terrestrial and internet casinos.

W Blackjack plays two or more card talias, each of which has 52 cards. Objective? Defeat the dealer in one of three ways:

  1. The player has a blackjack (21 point), and the dealer does not
  2. The player gains more points than the dealer, not exceeding 21 points
  3. Croupier breaks his hand (BUST), has over 21 points.

* Banking Game is a situation where one or more players play against banker (usually in card games). Banker (Croupier) is a person who leads and manages the game.

Guide: How to play - Blackjack's basics

The player has only one goal - overcome the casino. To do this, you need to count points when making different decisions during the game.

This is one of the key reasons for the popularity of this game - its simplicity. You can learn how to play blackjack in a few minutes!

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Chances and probabilities

Getting to know probabilities in blackjack is not easy. It's best to learn this, holding on the basic or ideal game strategy, about which more information can be found later in this article.

The casino advantage is less than 1% (0.5%) using the basic strategy. Most players do not understand this, and this increases their chances of losing to 2-8%. Chances for winning also depend on the game principles and a kind of blackjack.

Probability tables in blackjack: basic, optimal and ideal game strategies

The basic strategy of this card game is to use the Blackjack table in which the probability of winning is calculated.

Although you can find different tables on the internet, depending on the game variety, the principles and quantities of distributed waist, all these tables have a similar strategy.

Using the Blackjack table, you know exactly what to do in a given hand, which in turn significantly reduces the advantage of the casino and allows you to win more money with time.

In the case of terrestrial casinos: you can bring blackjack charts to the table and use them, if you do not slow down the pace of the game. These charts can be downloaded on the internet and print or often buy them in casino souvenir stores.

Blackjack types

There are many blackjack varieties. All of them have different probabilities, but they are still being played according to the same basic principles.

The following list shows various kinds of blackjack.

  • Atlantic City
  • Spanish blackjack
  • Double Exposure
  • Surrender
  • European
  • Pontoon
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Switch
  • Super Fun 21
  • Chinese
  • Vegas Downtown
  • Match Play 21

A quick look at the story of Blackjack and from where its name came from

Game in Blackjack has evolved for hundreds of years. It's hard - if not impossible - indicate the exact date of the appearance of the game. Blackjack's story is very interesting.

The history of the modern Blackjack, which we know today is the work of gambling plants in the USA, which introduced the game for their clients. Contemporary game initially did not enjoy great interest, so you had to do something to encourage people to play.


  • Stoletnia story
  • The dates of origin can not be accurately determined
  • Romans could have an impact on the origin
  • At some point the Italians joined
  • Spanish game variety
  • Miguel Cervantes (a guy who wrote "Don Kichot")
  • French colonists
  • Players in Las Vegas

Beginning: Roman Empire, Italians and Spaniards

The origin of the game was and still is a hot topic. Some theories rotate around the Roman Empire, where the early version of the game was played with wooden blocks.

Other theories are investigating the possibility that the Italians were inventors with their "31" game. However, this game rules differed significantly from the Spanish game called "21".

Spanish version 21 exists to this day and is considered the first historical mention of blackjack from the 16th century. This reference is located in a story written by Miguel de Cervantesa-Guy, who wrote Don Kichot's book in 1605.

Regardless of who actually invented the game, all somehow contributed to this. Romans, Italians and Spaniards were known for their many traveling around various corners of the world. If you add the fact that everyone liked gambling, it's easy to see how early varieties of the game rooted in the rest of the world.

Then French colonists appeared

French colonists decided to colonize the world in the 16th century. As a result, large parts of America were colonized: Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Saint Louis in the USA; San Luis in Brazil; Cayenna in French Guinea; Quebec and Montreal in Canada; I Cap-Aitien on Haiti.

The French continued this for centuries, importing his language, tradition and culture to other parts of the world. Finally, the story of Blackjack, which we know today, began at Brick & Mortar Casino in Nevada in the 1930s.


«There, in Merice, they do what they want». Thus, the gambling was legalized in 1931, and the casino began to offer a new game at that time, which at that time was known as "21". In France it was called "Ving-et-un", which in French means ... we managed! You have 21!

The name "Blackjack" was invented as a result of marketing this game. Being a completely new game, people were skeptical about her.

With aimed at exciting people's interest, the casino invented a special bonus of 10: 1, when "Walet Trefl" or "Peak Wall" "AS PIK" was distributed.

The bonus made his own, and people started to accumulate at the tables, both out of curiosity and to achieve a good payment of 10: 1. There is no such bonus in blackjack, but the name "Blackjack" has been living since then and now.

Exist Online casinoThey pay extra a bonus when you get a real blackjack. There are also blackjack bonuses in online gambling, which is especially important when playing casinos on the Internet.

Blackjack in contemporary culture

Books and games have always been popular, just like reference about casino games and gambling games at all, from time immemorial. Along with the appearance of films in the 19th and 20th centuries, the culture was popular to have a serious impact on the world, spreading like a fire in cinemas.

The same games that people have seen, entering the casino, were on a large screen. Scenarians and directors began to turn on scenes in which people played not only in Blackjack, but also to other games, such as roulette, bones, baccarat and many more.

One of the most popular dramas / comedy of all times, broadcasting a blackjack, a serious glow, is the film Rain Man from 1988. In short, the brother takes his autistic brother to Las Vegas and earns blackjack cards.

The movie does not apply only to Games in Blackjack. This is simply extending the scenario, giving stories greater depth. The film is an underestimated jewel that takes the audience on the emotional mountain queue. Such films encouraged people to play in casinos.

Interesting fact: Did you know where the title of this movie comes from? The name of the brother "Raymond" sounds like "Rain Man".

There is no doubt that movies started the type of Renaissance for casino games at all. Before the emergence of the Internet, the only possible way to play the casino was to visit the groundpiece. By films showing people what is happening in the casino from the inside, people also wanted to experience it. As a result, the casino industry flourished and developed its popularity thanks to modern culture.

Blackjack Tables: Stationary Casino and Online

The appearance and layout of the blackjack tables both in casinos online and ground casinos remained mostly unchanged since 1931.

Tables have a semicircular shape, located from 5 to 12 players simultaneously. However, the most common number of places available are 7.

Being behind the chips and the table, the dealer looks at the players sitting in front. The game starts and ends with the first player on the left of the dealer. The first position on the left side of the dealers is called "the first base", and the last position on the right side of the dealers is called a "third base".

  • Layout: the table layout is made of felt and lies on the top of a padded foam, which makes the table not only soft, but also facilitates the handling of chips and cards. The color of blackjack tables was green. However, nowadays you will see differences in color and design depending on the casino in which you play.
  • Apron: Apron, or apron, this area closest to players, allowing them to put things like drinks and fries.
  • Betting circle: These are circles on the arrangement in which players must bet their bets to be considered important. The number of laps to bet on the arrangement says how many players can sit.
  • Insurance line: Area where players must put tokens when they receive a dealer's insurance during the game.
  • Table Center: Table area belonging to the dealers in which they tassage their cards / put their hand.
  • Rack: Tray in front of the dealer in which chips are stored (also called "Bank"). Online tables live in Blackjack do not have this area because there are no physical chips in the stand.
  • Discard rack: The reset stand is located on the right side of the dealer and serves to store rejected cards after the blackjack round.
  • Paddle / Dropbox: On the right side of the dealer you will see the T-shaped shovel. Dealer uses this blade to push money down to the drop-down drawer.
  • Dealer shoe: This is a plastic container that keeps the cards in place, ready to draw and use in the game. Depending on how much the waist is in the game, the size of the container will vary.

These containers have many elements that help Dealer. Such elements include "face", "finger", "lip" and "wedge". "Face" helps to keep your cards in place, and "your finger" is an area where the dealer puts a finger to pull out the card. "Lip" is a plastic edge that helps keep your cards on the felt after slipping out of the container. "Wedge" is a plastic device on the back of the card's deck, which helps to emphasize on the waist so that the croupier can continue to choose cards.

"Felt" on the table helps to keep your cards in place, and adds an exclusive appearance and style of the game.

8 mistakes beginner players to avoid when playing blackjack in terrestrial casinos

Anyone who played blackjack only in online casinos would like to play a real blackjack in a terrestrial casino. Basic principles and strategies do not differ, but there are certain things you never have to do in the offline casino.

Follow these tips to avoid losing money at a terrestrial gambling:

  1. Play only at tables «3-2»
  2. Do not play at tables with tailing machines
  3. Put all the money that you will bring on the table. Never move them directly to the dealer.
  4. Never touch your cards (at Shoe Dealt tables)
  5. Do not touch or move the bet after starting the round
  6. Do not say anything. Use only your hand signals!
  7. Do not play anything like - use the basic strategy
  8. Be polite

Play only with tables on which winning is "from 3 to 2": it means that if you receive a blackjack, table 3: 2 will pay you 15 euros at a rate of 10 euros, paying 6: 5 is much worse. You will quickly notice that all tables except 3: 2 pay less.

It's better not to play on tables with tasking machines: simply because these machines increase the pace of the game, so you lose more money faster.

Never move the money dealer: you do not pass your money dealer directly, but you place them in your area to the rate. This makes it easier to control the game and enables the registration of the rate by security cameras.

Never touch your cards at Shoe Dealt tables: You can not touch your cards in Blackjack Shoe Dealt games because the casino is afraid that you can mark them. Only the dealer supports cards in these games. Dealt games allow you to touch with one hand to pick them up.

Do not touch or move your bet after the start of the round: it's an obvious mistake that you should avoid because such something can annull your plant. It does not matter why you want to do it. You just do not touch or transfer your bet. Touching the plant, you can effectively cheat the casino, for example, adding another token or removing it.

Do not say, use non-verbal signals: security cameras over your head are to provide a fair game and prevent cheating. Because the cameras do not record sound, non-verbal signals are obligatory. Expressing your voice action is unacceptable because you can easily deny what you show your hand.

Do not guess: Blackjack is a negative turning game with time, which means that if you play too long, you can expect a loss of money. If you do not use the optimal strategy to achieve an ideal game, the casino advantage is about 8%. Even with the ideal game, the casino is still 0.5%. Have a strategy, do not try to guess. In this way, you will increase your advantage to maximize your win, and thus you will lose less and win.

Do not be rude: it is obvious that it is best to culturally behave at Blackjack tables in stationary casinos. You are sitting with other people and there is no justification for non-repulerable behavior. Even after drinking alcohol.

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