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Last update: February 19, 2022

2 Different welcome promotions at Fezbet Casino

August 18, 2022

A very difficult struggle for new casino users continues. FEZ BET This time, it presented an extremely interesting opportunity for every faster of gambling on the Internet. There are 2 different promotions for use, aimed at fans of standard online casino and sports betting. You can choose one of two options, so you can look at both promotions carefully to maximize their capabilities. Certainly no one would like to choose promotions for bookmakers, when they are mainly playing with gaming machines.

Fezbet has long been trying to attract users from Australia for a long time, providing them with various amenities. Two promotions that provide 2000 or AUD 500 for fun for new users is an excellent proof of this thesis. Thanks to this, each newly registered player can carefully test all service functions and familiarize yourself with its possibilities. Safe playing for real money is something that no one should pass indifferently.

Presentation of welcome promotion in Fezbet?

By registering your account on the Website, you must take a very important decision. You have to choose whether at the beginning it will be primarily used by standard casino or sports betting.

AUD 2000 + 200 free shifts in the casino

When choosing fun on game machines, the user receives a magnificent pool of money. You can get as much as AUD 2000 + 200 free spins. Of course, if someone can not afford a huge payment, he can pay less and the bonus adapts to the amount paid.

The bonus is converted in a 1: 1 ratio to the first deposit. A minimum bonus that can be obtained is 80 AUD for a deposit of the same amount. To receive 200 free spins, a minimum deposit is required, which is also AUD 80. This means that 200 free turnover receives anyone who exceeds the minimum threshold eligible for promotion. Regardless of whether someone decided to pay 80, 500 or AUD 2000 - he will always receive 200 free spins.

The creators reserve that free turns are awarded after 20 pieces by 10 consecutively following days, and their validity is 24 hours. Therefore, you can not combine packages from consecutive days.

AUD 500 to pick up for sports betting

Despite the fact that the welcome promotion for sports betting is 4 times smaller than the casino bonus, it is not worth comparing them. The possibilities of using these money differ significantly. Therefore, the height of the premium is not adequate on this matter.

AUD 500 for the first payment of money for sports establishments provides the opportunity to bet on a multitude of sports betting. Over 50,000 sports events, available at one time, are almost unlimited possibilities for a fern of the results.

The bonus is converted in a 1: 1 ratio with a deposit. In this case, if anyone decides to deposit 100 zlotys, it will receive another 100 AUD in the form of a bonus, etc. The minimum bonus amount is AUD 80.

Rules for using welcome promotions in Fezbet

All promotions in casinos are always covered by specific conditions of use. Thanks to this, users know what they can exactly expect after the selected promotion and nothing can surprise them.

Here are the most important conditions for the Fezbet welcome promotion:

  • Payments made using Skrill and Neteller services do not entitle to promotion.
  • The promotion can not be combined with any other bonuses.
  • Activation of the premium takes place by with customer service.
  • The maximum permissible casino plant using bonus funds is AUD 20.
  • The maximum win from free spins is AUD 350.
  • The casino bonus must be rotated 30 times, and the winnings from free turns 40 times.
  • Bonus for sports establishments will be granted after prior assumption of the entire amount in a rate not less than 1.5.
  • Bonus for sports betting must be rotated 6 times after a rate of no less than 2.0 for individual plants and 1.5 for multiple bets.


Register and grab Welcome bonus Fezbet casino. You decide whether it will be high or low, and whether it will be directed to sports betting or casino.

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