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Last update: February 19, 2022

AUD 2500 + 50 free spins every week in Fezbet

November 26, 2022

All users of online casinos like to receive cash bonuses. Not only enough for fun to play with a standard payment, which and so that it would be paid, the casino also grants a bonus in the form of money and often also free spins. If someone skilfully uses bonus offers, he can even double his fun potential. An excellent example of such possibilities is Fezbet and their reload bonus, amounting to AUD 2,500 + 50 free spins. The possibility of weekly reception such a high offer is certainly a huge chance for every occasion hunter. This time we will look closer to this offer and undress it for first factors, analyzing all the pros and cons. After all - the possibility of picking up bonus money at virtually every payment is the unquestionable advantage of the casino. Finally, it is always better to get a bonus than to avoid him.

Presentation Reload Bonus in Fezbet

The promotion is available to each casino user and has only one limit: can be used once a week. However, if the player plans to use well, he will receive such an amount that is enough for a week or much longer. Another thing to remember before receiving this promotion is the use of its welcome promotion, because Reload Bonus will not escape anyone, but the offer for new players will be lost after the first deposit. Welcome bonus There is always the best conditions for granting and use, so it should be absolutely used before all other occasions.

To pick up a renewable bonus up to AUD 2,500 + 50 free spins, follow these steps:

  1. Logging in at Fezbet Casino.
  2. Go to the batch with promotions.
  3. Selecting an additional tab with "Casino" promotions (Default offers for sports betting).
  4. Selecting the "Weekend Reload Bonus" offer.
  5. Familiarization with the terms of use of the promotion (this is a key issue on the basis of which the amount of potential bonus is calculated).
  6. Clicking the "Get" button that will open the banking window.
  7. Selecting payment methods and completing the payment according to your own capabilities.
  8. When the money will be booked by Casino, Bonus and a cash payment will automatically be added to the Player's account.

The height of the bonus is calculated according to a simple pattern and is directly proportional to the height of the deposit. The bonus is 50% from the deposit, up to AUD 2,500. In addition, the promotion is covered by two minimum thresholds. The first one is a general takeover to participate in the promotion. To receive the minimum promotion value, the player must pay at least AUD 80 (receives 40 AUD premiums). However, if he also wants to pick up 50 free spins, he must pay a minimum of AUD 200 (receives AUD 100 bonus and 50 free spins) all higher payments provide 50 FS and a proportionate bonus. From the promotion you can use every week, so if someone does not use your chance accordingly, nothing lost - it can always try again.

Fezbet promotion regulations

In the fifth step, it was given that familiarization with the terms of the promotion is a compulsory matter. This is where there are key issues that constitute the actual value of the bonus. It's always worth getting to know them later not to experience disappointment. Here are some major points.

  • The minimum payment, eligible for a monetary bonus and free spins is 80 and 200 zlotys.
  • The maximum bonus is AUD 2,500 and is obtained when deposited AUD 5,000.
  • The bonus is picked up at the first weekend deposit (Friday-Sunday).
  • Administration decides about the game to use free spins.
  • Before picking up promotions, always the customer service department.
  • The maximum bonus rate is AUD 20.
  • The bonus marketing requirement is its 30-fold and 40-speaking in the case of winnings from free spins.

These are key promotion, but it is worth getting acquainted with the full version that is available on the promotion page.


Reload promotions are an excellent chance for all users who have been hunting for promotions from time to time. Fezbet provides huge opportunities for each week, so players do not have to migrate to other websites. They play in one, well-known casino and they can constantly enjoy the receipt of this offer. Good luck using another Fezbet bonus, who knows how much this time he will be able to win.

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