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Last update: February 19, 2022

5Gringos and 5 different welcome bonuses

December 24, 2022

We all love welcome bonuses. Some more, other less, but without them the world of online casinos would not look the same. Each player has other requirements for how the welcome offer should look like and it is extremely difficult to meet the needs of all players. One person prefers the game on slots, another in a live casino. Most players can not afford a very high first payment and a typical deposit bonus awarding them a unusable amount. Casino 5Gringos had no easy walnut to crack, preparing an offer that does not only satisfy the needs of players, it will still effectively compete with competition.

However, the creators came up with an interesting idea that was associated with the subject of the casino himself. Five title Gringo, brings 5 different promotions, directed for various types of players. Thanks to this, the user has a choice and high possibilities. Each of five offers has been developed in such a way that it has come to a specific group of fans of gaming games. Here is the Welcome offer of 5Gringos casinos!

Presentation of the 5Gringos welcome offer

Users of Casino 5gringos have an extensive choice that few casino casino can boast of a similar one. However, it is worth remembering that this is a welcome offer, i.e. limited. In addition, one person can only pick up one of 5 promotions, after which they will disappear. Therefore, the choice should be properly thought out and adapted to the individual needs of the player.

To pick up a bonus, just fill out a few simple steps:

  1. Casino registration by clicking a green button on the main casino screen and proceedings according to the instructions.
  2. Go to the Promotion Bookmark and get acquainted with the offer of five different promotions.
  3. Choosing the most corresponding option and deposit payment, which will be higher than the minimum amount specified in the regulations.
  4. The bonus will be converted according to the payment and automatically added to the account balance. If any questions appear, you can always customer service.

The collection of promotions in 5Gringos is extremely easy, so every player should deal with it - especially since all information is in Australian.

5 different offers for 5gringos

Here is a list with promotion options to choose from:

  1. 100% up to AUD 2000 + 100 free spins. One high bonus that requires a new player relatively high payment to start.
  2. Up to AUD 4,000 in three bonuses. Bonus from the three consecutive payments. The first is 100% deposit up to AUD 2000, and the second and third are: 50% from the deposit up to AUD 1000.
  3. 200% to AUD 200 - small Welcome bonus For people who can not afford high deposits. A very high conversion factor compensates for its small value.
  4. 15% Cashback up to AUD 1000 in a live casino. Bonus for live casino fans. The user receives a refund of all money he lost within a specified time framework. The amount of refund is 15% losers and not be greater than AUD 1000.
  5. Free turnover, up to 500 pieces - 1 Spin = 4 AUD deposit. An interesting offer in which the player himself decides about the number of free shifts that he will receive. One turnover is 4 zlotys and how much money payments, so many turns will receive. The maximum number is 500 and it is for a deposit of AUD 2,000.

It is also worth mentioning the Promotion Regulations. Each of the offers has individual conditions for use of promotions. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with each one separately, especially with the one from which he intends to use. The most important points always speak about the minimal threshold for the promotion and the condition of rotation of the bonus. In most cases, the minimum deposit is AUD 80, and the rotation granted to the bonus is its 40 times.


If someone is looking for a new casino for himself, he could not imagine a better opportunity. 5Gringos is an ideal place for both novices and for someone who knows what expects from a decent online casino. Therefore, we encourage you to join Hispanic and high winnings with one of five bonus offers!

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