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Last update: December 9, 2022

CasinoEuro organized a Christmas lottery

December 9, 2022

Christmas right, right. Cities are muddled in Christmas decorations, shops are filled with potential gifts, and moody ads make we feel like we have already survived Christmas time. Everyone is preparing for this time, because it is ideal for promotion. The CasinoEuro operator decided to realize a special Christmas lottery, thanks to which users can receive a variety of casino prizes. Christmas time is first and foremost meetings with family and celebration of tradition, but there will always be a moment of free time to try your happiness in the online casino. If you can get one of the main prizes, the new year can be greeted with a real pump.

Presentation of a Christmas lottery in Casinoeuro

Nicholas and Christmas are the time of gifts and CasinoEuro trying to keep this tradition. All users can take part in a weekly lottery with high prizes. To enter the fun, fill a few simple steps:

  1. Registering a new account or logging into existing.
  2. Going to a bookmark with promotions, choosing a Christmas lottery and subscribing to participation in the event.
  3. Then for every 100 zloty paid, the player receives one fate on the nearest lottery. Additional fate is obtained for turning every 200 AUD in a given week.
  4. The player is playing and collects fate, increasing his chance to occupy one of the premium places in the lottery.

The event is so much interesting that the player is playing with his favorite games, he will win prizes from the game itself, and at the end of the week additionally participates in the lottery in which you can get up to AUD 6,000.


There are many prizes for the hand, so everyone has a chance to draw. All prizes are presented as follows:

  • First place - AUD 6,000,
  • Second place - AUD 4,000,
  • Third place - 2,800 PLN,
  • Fourth place - AUD 2,000,
  • Fifth place - AUD 1,600,
  • Sixth place - AUD 1,200,
  • Seventh and eighth place - 800 PLN,
  • Ninth and tenth place - 400 PLN,
  • From eleven to twentieth place - 50 free spins with a plant AUD 2,
  • From the twenty-first up to 50th place - 20 free spins with a 3 zloty bet.

As you can see, there is what to fight and every person who decides to participate in the event has a good chance of receiving interesting prizes. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that all lotteries will be a few and everyone has a chance to accurately plan their week with lottery. Principles show that those who will gain the most fate will have the greatest chance of winning. That is why it is worth carefully thinking about your participation and prepare for fun seriously. It is certain that most people will learn about the promotion in the middle of a given week, which makes their possibilities minimal. Therefore, it will be better to wait for the next week of giving out fate. Of course, this does not exclude the possibility of participating in the lottery from the center of the week. The chances of victory will be smaller, but always the prizes will be distributed 3 times and last week is 16-22 December, so everyone has a lot of time to plan their way to get one of the main prizes.

CasinoEuro promotion regulations

Before someone decides to take part in the promotion and investing their money to increase the chance of victory, he should always look into the conditions and principles. This contains all the most important data related to the event. Here are the most important points of the Festive Lottery Regulations:

  • The event is divided for 3 weeks: 1-8 December, 9-15 December, 16-22 December.
  • After finishing each week, a draw takes place.
  • Fate are unlimited.
  • The prizes for the first 10 places are awarded in the form of cash (without a turnover requirement).
  • Free spiny They are intended for the Merry Xmas gaming machine, and the winnings are subject to a 30-fold trading condition within 5 days.

The conditions are very affordable, which only proves that every user of CasinoEuro should consider his participation in the event.


The Christmas Lotter in CasinoEuro is an ideal opportunity for all those people who find a little free time in December. All you need to do is just play the same as always to take part in the draw of prizes about a total pool of 20,000 zlotys. Who knows, maybe this one fate is enough to win AUD 6,000? One thing is certain - to win, you have to play.

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