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Last update: November 18, 2022

Casinomy - Become a king casino

November 18, 2022

By joining the extensive group of Casinomia users, the user can take part in a great adventure on which he will finally receive the status of the king. It's nothing but an interesting realized loyalty program that encourages you to stay in the casino and continue to have fun after using the welcome bonus. AUD 2500 + 300 free spins are certainly an interesting start offer. However, later many people begin to wonder what's next. In this case, there is no problem with this, because the creators took care of numerous additional promotions and an adventure in the form of a loyalty program.

Thanks to such a solution from the first moments in the casino, the player collects valuable points, which can not only be exchanged for attractive prizes, they still provide higher levels at which a specific addition always is obtained.

Presentation of the Casinomy Casino Casino

The casino operator decided to create a service whose leitmotif will be a magical land that traverses experience (loyalty points), which increases the social status of the hero. In this way, you can collect a lot of treasure and finally become the king of the magical country Casinomy.

The loyalty program starts from the first moments in the casino, and points count according to specific principles during the game. To participate in the promotion, you must complete a few simple steps:

  1. Registration or logging in to Casinomy.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the bonus regulations that are in the footter. Then select a loyalty program where all conditions for use of the loyalty program have been distinguished.
  3. Recharge your account with cash.
  4. Fun on any productions available in the Casino Library.

The user receives CP points during play. 1 point is granted for the equivalent of plants for the sum of 25 euros. Points can be exchanged for money and the achievement of each subsequent level provides additional prizes. Levels and prizes in the loyalty program are presented as follows:

  • Discoverer - The first level that is assigned to each newly registered account by default. It does not require any points and does not grant prizes.
  • Expert - Unblocks 100 points after collecting and grants a prize in the form of 100 free spins in the Gold Lab game.
  • Master - Unlocks 300 points after collecting and grants a prize in the form of 120 free spins in the Gold Lab game.
  • Hero - Unlocked after collecting 1,500 points and award a prize in the form of 150 free spins in the Gold Lab game.
  • King - Unlocking 10,000 points after collecting and grants a prize in the form of 200 free spins in the Gold Lab game.

Personal account manager

After reaching the last account level, the player receives his personal account manager with which he can every matter. The user will always talk to one person who will perfectly know his situation and will provide adequate help in every situation. In this way, if any problem occurs, you can get instant help to omit unnecessary intermediaries who have extended the situation.

The condition of the loyalty program on Casinomia

Here are some major terms of use of the loyalty program in Casinomy. It is very important that someone gets acquainted with these points before making a decision to enter this promotion seriously.

  • 1 CP point is awarded for every 25 euro of plants.
  • The user level is updated with a slight delay.
  • Points can be exchanged for money only after exceeding the exchange threshold of 100 euros.
  • To maintain the accounts achieved, you must regularly collect a certain number of points. If someone does not reach the required CP number, its level will be reduced to adequate to the number of points accumulated.
  • Winned from free spins are covered by a trading condition of their 40 times.

Summary of promotion in Casinomy

Casino Online Casinomy used a very good strategy to maintain users on their website. The loyalty program in the form of adventures on which the king's status is gaining a perfect promotion, providing numerous prizes. Not only that points can be exchanged for money, bonuses are obtained with each level. We encourage you to register and take part in the Casinomy Loyalty Program. Perhaps you will become another king!

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