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Last update: January 14, 2022

Even 13,000 AUD Cashbacku to get in the Fezbet online casino

January 14, 2022

Chshback is an extremely intriguing form of promotion. On the one hand, it provides only "10 or 15 percent of the return of funds, on the other - this money is not covered with any additional conditions. If someone think about the terms of different promotions, it may turn out that the return of lost money will be better than not one bonus from the deposit. Everything also depends on the individual preferences of the player. Vodage Fezbet casino They are perfectly aware of this and have tried to promote very good.

A refund is to be refunded on an impressive level of 15% of all funds. This means that in this casino, no one loses. If someone is a leg, it's enough to wait for a refund and you can play or simply withdraw money. No iGaming fans should pass indifferently to such an opportunity. Therefore, we encourage you to read this offer to accurately familiarize yourself.

Detailed description of the Cashback promotion in Fezbet

To use the promotion of debast money, you must subscribe to the event in a tab with promotions on the casino page. The player must customer service and ask for CashBack activation. The specialist will check if nothing prevents me and activates the promotion. Then you must pay money because CashBack counts only from real resources. If someone wants to use bonus money, then the refund will simply not be charged.

It is very important that the return rate changes depending on the user's account advancement. Therefore, at the beginning, a smaller refund is obtained, and higher levels are achieved. The account level is gained during a long-term casino fun. Therefore, contrary to what you think about online casinos, Fezbet applies the opposite tactics to blame only new users. People who decide on regular fun in this gambling service will be able to use better and better opportunities. Here's how the CashBack conditions change depending on the user account level:

  • Expert - 5% refund, maximum possible amount of refund - AUD 4,000.
  • MASTER - 10% Return, maximum possible amount of refund - AUD 8,000.
  • King - 15% refund, maximum possible amount of refund - AUD 13,000.

As you can see, the possibilities are really big - even at the lowest level. However, only these players who decide to stay in Fezbet can count on huge phrases.

What does Sample Receiving Return?

Let's assume that someone paid 200 zlotys to his account, he activated the promotion and decided to play on his favorite machine. Then he turned the money to the sum of establishments, amounting to AUD 500. There were bigger and smaller winnings, but after 2 hours of fun it was 50 PLN. He decided that today is not his day and interrupted the game to get back to play in a while. On Monday it turned out that Online Casino He converted his gameplay and granted 22.5 AUD money return and can have fun for AUD 72.5. This time the game on the machine rolled after the thoughts of the player and from around 70 managed to multiply up to AUD 200, while meeting the requirement of single turnover granted. It's so easy - just play, and some money will always come back to the player.

Fezbet promotion regulations

The Cashback type promotion differs slightly from standard bonuses. Here are the most important points of the Regulations to pay attention to:

  • The minimum amount of refund is AUD 20.
  • The refund is awarded every Monday based on the calculation from the deposit and the gameplay from the last Monday.
  • Cashback is charged exclusively for real money.
  • The refund should be rotated 1 times before it can be paid.

The rules are quite simple. Just watch the above sections and you can enjoy the gameplay.


If someone is looking for a permanent casino, then he should focus primarily on long-term promotions. The possibility of constant receiving money from Fezbet is a huge chance from which everyone should consider setting up an account and will remain for longer. Finally, with time, you can pick up returns to the sum significantly exceeding what welcome bonuses offer, which are also very encouraging in this case. We wish you a quick acquisition of the highest level of account and regular refunds for all losers in Fezbet. No one loses on this site.

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