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Last update: November 14, 2022

Even AUD 8,000 a refund in Vulkan Vegas

November 11, 2022

A refund in online casinos is a very important issue. Thanks to this, every player can play without stress that everything will lose. Even the smallest protection means that this negative stress disappears (especially in novices), and in his place there is a positive thrill of emotions associated with a real money game. Cashback is an increasingly popular feature that is used in the best online casinos. Vulkan Vegas enables its users to receive money from any game, which is a development of popular phrases from other websites.

In this case, no one must worry about to receive a refund only for Live casinoWhether selected table games - in Vulkan Vegas simply receives a refund and can always come back to play to play. Everyone during the fun can get a leg. Regardless of whether someone is an experienced player, or for the first time he went into an internet casino - all worse days happen and that's why they are Cashback promotions. They protect and protect the player against failure and provide a second round.

How to use the return in Vulkan Vegas?

The Cashback promotion up to AUD 8,000 in the Vulkan Vegas casino is nothing but a refund of lost resources from the last week to the user's account. The casino automatically counts and pays their money to players every Monday. It is worth noting that users can have a different return level. In Vulkan Vegas, various account advancement levels (loyalty program) can be achieved. The higher the level - this better reimbursement.

Loyalty account levels and related phrases are presented as follows:

  1. Casino Royale - refund at 0%.
  2. Luxor - a refund at the level of 3%.
  3. Caesars Palace - a refund at the level of 3%.
  4. Bellagio - a return on 5%.
  5. Wynn - a refund at 5%.
  6. Paris - a refund at 7%.
  7. ESCALLIBUR - return at 7%.
  8. Venetian - a refund at 9%.
  9. New York - a refund at 9%.
  10. Vulkan - a refund at 12%.

As you can see, the most advanced levels of loyalty can be counted on a pretty decent financial refund.

Cashback is calculated according to the following formula: Return = (payments - (withdrawals + prizes)) * percentage coefficient of return.

In practice, it can be presented as follows:

(AUD 300 - (50 + 50) * 12% = (300 - 100) * 12% = 200 * 12% = 24 AUD - refund.

In the example above, the user paid 300 zlotys to his account, then decided to pay 50 AUD and did not have a lot of luck because he won only 50 zlotys. In fact, he lost 200 zlotys. However, as an advanced player who has reached the highest level of loyalty has a refund coefficient of as much as 12%. In this way, the casino on the next Monday turned to him 24 zlotys and can try to play. Finally, the gameplay in the online game salon is unpredictable and it happens that from AUD 20 you can win a lot more than AUD 200.

Additional information on the operation of the return in Vulkan Vegas

The refund receives people whose payments after deducting bonuses is greater than AUD 80. Player can always check the current amount of refund in the tab with available bonuses. The refund received is a 5-fold product for trading. Money will be available for 5 days and if the user does not fill the trading condition - the rest of the bonus is canceled. The maximum amount of money refund in one week is as much as AUD 8,000, so no one should worry about the upper limit - achieving it is virtually impossible.


The more possibilities provide online casino, the better. The phrase is an interesting offer that always provides additional funds for fun, and in the casino, the most important thing is to have fun. Vulkan Vegas realized one of the best promotions regarding the return of funds on the market. Thanks to this, users can play without the risk of losing and if they take a second attempt, which is often successful. Therefore, if someone wants to play without stress related to the loss of funds, he should consider taking part in the promotion of Vulkan Vegas.

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