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Last update: November 14, 2022

Fun with the VIP account in Zet Casino

September 15, 2022

Each online casino must operate according to specific rules to which users must adapt. It could be Minimal deposit. Payoutand even the conditions for using some promotions. All these principles have been drawn up in such a way that unfair players do not abuse the service capabilities. At this point, the question arises: "What about players who are honesty and came to just have fun? Why are they to adapt to the level of people feeding on promotions in casinos? ".

Zet Casino is doing well and gave it to your users status VIP. If someone goes to one of the higher levels, he will certainly be satisfied because some restrictions will be abolished, and his fun will run on many better conditions. It is to get As many as 5 VIP levels, each of which again grants better conditions.

Presentation of the VIP account capabilities in ZET Casino

The VIP account has been designed in such a way that more and more advanced users can adapt the level on which they play with the capabilities of the casino. The more experience someone will get, the more money. The first of the privileges appear here - no limits or significant reduction. The player who trunks after the VIP account levels does not have to worry about payment limits, because as experiences are given, they increase in such a way that they will never be a problem for anyone. In addition, users do not have to worry about payment processing sometimes because they are more trusted, the less verification procedures when paying funds. Casino It does not have to check each time checking because the player exalted to the VIP rank is checked once and well.

From time to time, special promotions can also appear, aimed at players with a VIP account. They are characterized by that they have much better terms of use. Always about everything that the operator decides, but these can be available games types, the required turnover, the time of promotion implementation, the maximum possible plant, etc. This is due to the fact that these restrictions protect the casino from unfair people who may want to abuse the promotion. In the case of a VIP account, such a risk is very low. In the end, no one wants to lose the VIP status that he worked hard.

People with the VIP status in Zet Casino will receive their assistant who will always be ready to answer all their questions. In this way, you will not have to talk to a random casino representative, only one person who will have a great idea about the VIP client's activities and will always serve the answer.

VIP levels and short discussion

  • Alpha – Exchange rate EN 100: 4, Cashback 0%, monthly payout limit 43.000, personal manager: No.
  • Beta – Exchange rate EN 95: 4, CASHBACK 0%, monthly payout limit 43.000, personal manager: No.
  • Gamma – Exchange rate EN 90: 4, Cashback 5%, monthly payout limit 50,000, personal manager: No.
  • Delta – Exchange rate EN 80: 4, CASHBACK 10%, monthly payout limit 60,000, personal manager: Yes.
  • Zeta – Exchange rate EN 70: 4, CASHBACK 15%, monthly payment limit 85,000, personal manager: Yes.

Each level determines certain significant conditions. The proportion of the exchange of loyalty points (PL), a percentage of a refund of lost money (Cashback), height of the upper monthly payment limit and whether he is entitled to a personal account manager. How to easily notice at the fifth level the conditions are really good and it is worth taking some time to play in Zet Casino to finally get it. 15% Cashback and the exchange rate of loyalty points for money are very affordable and mean that you can almost always receive some money for further fun.


The VIP account in ZET Casino is a great opportunity to stay for a long time in one service. You do not need to regularly migrate from the Website to the Website, which will ensure better and better conditions. Playing in this casino, the conditions are constantly improving, with time even piercing what the welcome offers for new websites. There is nothing else but to wish the best results and quickly get the fifth level of the VIP account.

For many years I have been passionate games and not only. I decided to share my passion with other users to prove that this fun is not as bad as it is in our country. Playing with game machines can be just as interesting, how to play any other video games. As a happy Game Console Holder, I can sign it without hesitation.
Internet casino is a huge online game department and I realize that beginner users can feel lost. It is for them that I create my texts in which it tries to present all the most important issues, facilitating the final decision.