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Last update: February 12, 2022

Get extra money with the Fezbet loyalty program

October 17, 2022

The Fezbet casino operator decided to launch a loyalty program that rewards regular players. In the industry it is said that everything that is best, new users are giving away. Therefore, when someone will use his welcome bonus, the best way out is to choose all the money and passing to the next casino in the queue. This is a real bond of both casino operators and the players themselves, which are also not on their hand.

That's why Fezbet's loyalty program was created, which only regards permanent users, constantly playing casino. The principle is very simple. The more a casino game, the better promotions and fun conditions receive. The user gains points from which he uses many ways. You can gain higher accounts levels, exchange them for money and even bonuses. Here is the Fezbet Casino Loyalty Promotion.

Presentation of the Fezbet casino loyalty program

Loyalty program as the name suggests, rewards people who are loyal to the operator casino. The creators in this way minimize the risk of players departing after the use of welcome promotion. Points simply get fun with the use of real money. This means that in addition to the standard opportunities for gaining prizes from any games of random, available in the casino library, points are obtained that also have their unprofessional value.

When someone puts a leg, he can always take advantage of the collected loyalty points (if they gathered their number). Thanks to this, the risk of loser is always slightly smaller. In addition, the possibility of receiving exclusive promotions and taking part in special events - all this is waiting for people who decide to permanently stay with the Fezbet casino.

Fezbet levels and their advantages

The player can reach a maximum of 5 account level. After registration, the first level is obtained and with each game played next to the next. Here's how individual promotions and their special functions are present:

  • Rookie - Limit of monthly payments 43,000 - exchange rate for money 100: 4.
  • Semi-Pro - Limit of monthly payments 43,000 - exchange rate for money 95: 4.
  • Expert - Limit of monthly payments 50,000 - exchange rate for money 90: 4. Cashback from used money, amounting to 5% of the lost amount.
  • Master - Limit of monthly payments 43,000 - exchange rate for money 100: 4. Cashback from used money, about 10% of the lost amount. Access to a personal account manager.
  • King - Limit of monthly payments 43,000 - exchange rate for money 100: 4. Cashback from used money, amounting to 15% of the lost amount. Access to a personal account manager. Additional, personal promotions.

Additional features and their description

  • Personal account manager - Steel users are assigned to one account manager, which will become familiar with the situation of a given person and will always be ready to answer any questions.
  • VIP promotions - Users who receive VIP status can count on exclusive offers and promotions that will not be available for new users. In this way, they can take part in occasions that have much better conditions.
  • Additional financial privileges - Persons who prove their value will receive much better terms of payment and payment of money from their account.
  • Abolition of limits - The best Fezbet players receive unlimited fun opportunities, thanks to which the comfort of fun is possible.

Fezbet promotion regulations

  • For every AUD 4,000, the player receives 1 loyalty point for gaming machines. Betting in other games are not taken into account.
  • The money listed as loyalty points are awarded as a 35-fold bonus.
  • To be able to exchange points for money, they should be collected at least 100.
  • The collected loyalty points are removed from the account after 3 months of non-activity.


Loyalty promotions have become extremely popular in recent times. Users do not have to take better deals for other websites because Fezbet constantly provides them with the highest quality. Thanks to this, they can play practically constantly with the use of bonuses, promotions and loyalty points. Register now in Fezbet, collect a high welcome bonus, and then use the loyalty program to maximize.

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