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Last update: November 14, 2022

In CasinoEuro you can pick up up to 1000 AUD in the form of a bonus

September 22, 2022

The CasinoEuro gambling service is known for its very high quality services and the possibilities provided to your users. A high welcome bonus and numerous promotions are a standard, and users who decide to register, do not have to worry about the offer of other casinos because they have everything in this place.

This time we will look at the interesting promotion that resembles a standard welcome offer in online casinos. Each player can pick up to 1000 AUD in the form of a bonus from a deposit. The difference is that it can do it at your chosen moment. The promotion will simply wait for the player's decision. In practice, this looks like that, unlike the welcome offer, the user is not forced to realize the deposit and use of the promotion. In this case, there is no time limit to activate the promotion. The player can plan a greater deposit and only then decide to activate the bonus.

Presentation of a one-time bonus in CasinoEuro

The most important information related to the promotion in CasinoEuro is that it is one-time one. After registering the account you can pick it up once, after which the offer disappears. That is why it is very important to precisely plan the ideal moment of receiving a premium. To pick up the promotion, you must realize a few simple steps. As this is not a welcome bon - we assume that the player already has an already registered casino account.

  1. Sign up to the offer. To activate the promotion, go to the Bookmark with promotions and click the "Play with an additional 50%" promotion. Then, read all key issues related to the premium and click the "Subscribe" button.
  2. Going to the banking section and making a deposit. After activating the promotion, go to the banking section, select the available payment method. When choosing the payment amount, it is worth considering a promotion condition that it is 50% from the deposit, up to AUD 1000.
  3. Selecting a 50% bonus from the deposit. The most important point of receiving the promotion is to choose it in the Deposit window. Otherwise, the casino recognizes the payment for a standard transfer to the Casino account.
  4. Confirmation of payments and gameplay using a premium. It only remains to go to the platform from which the payment and finalization of the transaction should be made.

The deposit bonus is 50%, up to AUD 1000, which means that it will be half the deposable amount. Calculations are very simple and no one should have a problem with checking how much the premium should receive.

Example scenario for the use of promotion

The CasinoEuro user decides to pay AUD 600 using the promotion. The casino charges a 300 AUD bonus and a player can play on the sum of establishments, amounting to AUD 900.

In the event that the user does not deprive the amount greater than AUD 60, he will not receive promotions. With the railway after exceeding the maximum deposit limit, the game salon will pay a maximum bonus of AUD 1000.

Regulations for the use of the promotion in CasinoEuro

Before using the promotion, it is strictly check the rules for its use. For people who planned to use it in a different way than on gaming machines, it may be useless.

  1. The bonus is one-time and after its use, the offer irreversibly disappear.
  2. The maximum promotion amount is AUD 1000.
  3. The minimum deposit qualifying for the promotion is AUD 60.
  4. The bonus must be rotated 40 times within five days of its activation. If someone receives a premium in the amount of AUD 100, he must rotate it for the sum of establishments, amounting to AUD 4,000 and what will be, can be paid or used in any games.
  5. Bonus is mainly directed Game machines. In the case of other games, it is charged to a lesser extent.


Bonus in CasinoEuro is a big chance for every fans of slots. The ability to pick up up to 1000 AUD at any time, always enjoys great popularity among players. All the more so that there are no time limits for activation. Therefore, if someone has an account in CasinoEuro, he should take this opportunity and pick up his promotion!

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