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Last update: February 8, 2022

Calendarz adwentowy betsafe

December 1, 2022

We all like Advent calendars. December 1 is a pleasant day not only for children. Today, on this occasion, all windows in their calendars open all - regardless of age. This phenomenon became so popular that it is considered one of the most popular traditions related no longer only with Christmas, but by December. The possibility of receiving 24 surprises or gifts is something very pleasant, no person can resist. This year, gambling fans received a special promotional offer from Betsafe. Casino She prepared 26 prizes that can receive day after day until the end of this year's holidays.

Presentation of Christmas promotions in Betsafe

Such a very extensive promotional offer will surely impress every fingering of random games. This must be admitted that Betsafe has a spectacle this year, which one who will be able to measure. We do not know exactly what the individual days of promotion will be offered, but today you can assume what may appear during this month. In the Promotion Regulations there are information about:

  • free spinach,
  • Bonus from the deposit,
  • Bonus for live casino,
  • Promotions for sports betting.

Taking part in the promotion is very simple. Information on the event is already on the main website. However, if someone can not find it, he should go to the batch with promotions and click the event planet gifts. Then just use the red "Subscribe" button.

Today, on December 1, one window is opened, which includes an offer for casinos and sports betting. The casino provides a 100% deposit bonus, up to AUD 400. The bookmaker allows you to get a bet without a risk of AUD 20. Subsequent promotion windows will be opened on the next day, automatically deactivating the possibility of receiving the previous bonus. The creators do not provide information that will be released the next day. Thanks to that every player with baking on the face will check what this time you can pick up.

As you can see, everyone will find something for themselves here. The creators have tried that every type of Betsafe received something for himself. Who knows, maybe thanks to such a variety, someone will discover a line to bookmakers, or a live casino? One thing is certain - the bigger the possibilities of the casino - the more players will discover what they really enjoy them in gambling.

Prizes for turnover

It is also worth mentioning an additional promotion that will take into account all people taking part in the promotion. The bigger turning will be able to generate someone in the casino, the better the prize. There is what to fight for, because the best gifts are PlayStation 5 and iPhone 12. Although the amount required to receive a given prize can give a dizziness, but everyone should pay attention to two issues:

  • The prizes are available immediately and without any draw. The player fills conditions and enjoys a guaranteed gifts.
  • Rotation takes into account. Which means that with up to AUD 100, you can attack many thousands of money marketing.

The prizes are very much and they are available after reaching selected from 9 thresholds. The last three thresholds are presented as follows:

  • 000 AUD - AUD 1,399.999 PLN: iPad Mini + Cellular 64 GB + 200 Free spins worth AUD 1 + bookmakers for AUD 200.
  • AUD 400,000 - AUD 1,999.999: PlayStation 5 Full version + 225 free spins worth AUD 2 + bookmakers for AUD 200.
  • 000.000 AUD and more: iPhone 12 + 250 free spins worth AUD 4 + bookmakers for AUD 200.

Lower thresholds have many smaller marketing requirements with whom most of the players playing for a whole month can not handle each other.


Betsafe Christmas promotion is something that no one should pass indifferently. Such an opportunity happens once a year and every day one offer escapes from before the nose. Therefore, everyone should attach to the fun sooner, open the next pins and tie the rotation, and perhaps you can pick up your dream iPhone or PlayStation 5.

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