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Last update: February 12, 2022

Nomini and daily puzzles with bonuses by the end of the year

December 13, 2022

Nomini online casino is famous for its users to provide freedom of promotion. A bold step with a diverse welcome offer, addressed to all types of players turned out to be a hit. Players eagerly chose their favorite promotions, making Nomini to boast of a huge movement on their website.

Holidays are approaching and the operator decided to implement an extremely interesting promotion for his permanent players. At the beginning of December an additional "Christmas" tab appeared and provides even greater opportunities than the mentioned welcome offer. Over 30 different offers that change every day are to be picked up. It is difficult to determine how big the general pool of the bonus is, because only the promotion of the day is discovered.

Presentation of the Nomini Christmas offer

The promotion is available for any registered user casino. To be able to take part in it, you must meet a few simple steps:

  1. Login / registering in the Nomini Casino.
  2. Going to Christmas tab, which is located on the top of the bookmark and is marked with a gift icon.
  3. A simple puzzle will start - the puzzle that you will have to solve to unlock the day offer.
  4. There will be information about the day offer, an individual promotional code, thanks to which it can be activated and the "Receive Bonus" and "Regulations" buttons can be activated.

After clicking "Receive Bonus", the window with a live chat starts. User to pick up his promotion must customer service. The consultant will quickly check whether everything takes place in accordance with the rules and activates the promotion after the player fulfilling the conditions for its granting.

It is worth noting that mostly are not completely free offers, but only interesting deposits bonuses. They have their own use rules and specified maximum and minimal deposit framework. On 21 and 31 December, special offers were provided, which are marked as pink stars on the calendar of offers. Then you should expect the best opportunities that can offer promotions with exceptional conditions of use.

Sample promotions of the day

On the day of writing this text, after solving the puzzle, a bonus appeared in the form of 20% Cashback in a live casino up to AUD 800. This means that all people who have participated in the promotion that this day can get a refund for the fifth part of lost money in a live casino. This is an ideal offer for those people who regularly look into the Live section in Nomini. A 20% refund will always be a nice addition. Especially in case someone you should and lose more thread originally assumed.

This is just one of 31 December offers. You can expect free spins, bonuses without deposits, reload bonus, tournaments on automatons and other interesting events that will activate Nomini casino users throughout the month. Christmas is a beautiful time, for meetings with family and gifts, but always comes fatigue, and the casino gameplay is an ideal way to break away from this whole hustle and bustle. Especially that in December each player's type will find something for themselves in Nomini.

Nomini Promotion Regulations

Each bonus offer is governed by its rights and be familiar with its regulations each time. In the case of the above-described Cashback for a live casino, the Regulations are presented as follows:

  • The offer is valid until 13.12.2020
  • The minimum payment, eligible for promotion is AUD 80.
  • The maximum return value is AUD 800.
  • The money granted is covered by a 3-fold condition for trading.

In addition, all bonuses operate according to the general Nomini Regulations. Therefore, if any key information is missing, go to General Casino conditions and there will always be a response to the question. In the event of ambiguity, you can also use the options with the consultant.


December is the perfect time for the promotion organizations of this type. When it is gloomy and wet outside, it is better to sit at home and devote yourself with pleasant entertainment. Everyday Christmas Awards in Nomini will ensure that everyone will find something that will spend a lot of emergency hours. There is nothing to wait for. Solve the puzzle and discover what Nomini has prepared this day!

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