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Last update: November 14, 2022

Nomini and a monthly race

November 7, 2022

Competition is something that turns every computer player. No matter what he competes, everyone always wants to be the best. How to select the best player on game machines? A tournament should be created that will verify the overall results in a longer time. And this is the monthly Nomini casino race.

This is a huge chance for every player who likes to play on gaming machines. Just join the tournament and do whatever - play on slots. If someone can get above-average results, he can count on an additional prize in the form of vitamins, i.e. the internal currency of the Nomini casino. A dozen popular gaming slot machines take part in the event, so everyone will find something for themselves. In the end, some games can start in such a long marathon, and in this case it is enough that it will simply go to the next items to earn more points to the ranking. There is a prize pool of 250 vitamins to win!

Presentation of a monthly race in Nomini

The rules of participation in the Nomini tournament are clear, and the event itself is available to each casino user. Just meet the minimum requirements eligible for the event and you can take part in the marathon of gaming machines.

Here are the next steps to be taken to play in a monthly race:

  1. Logging in at the Nomini Casino.
  2. Posting to the casino minimum amount of AUD 80.
  3. Game chosen by creators for gaming machines not less than 0.3 Euro.

Award pool is up to 250 vitamins, or special casino points, for which you can receive various prizes. Vitamins receives the first 10 players:

  • First place - 45 vitamins.
  • Second place - 38 vitamins.
  • Third place - 30 vitamins.
  • Fourth place - 27 vitamins.
  • Fifth place - 25 vitamins.
  • Sixth place - 23 vitamins.
  • Seventh place - 20 vitamins.
  • Eighth place - 17 vitamins.
  • Ninth place - 15 vitamins.
  • Tenth place - 10 vitamins.

Only ten first places are a print prize, so if someone decides to take part in the promotion, he should approach this seriously and play regularly throughout the month. On the Events page on the Nomini portal there is a ranking with ten people who have reached the highest score. In this way, you can observe your result and if you can get to the ranking, plan further steps on the way to the top.

The promotion is renewed every month, and the operator chooses subsequent games to promote and resets the result, giving all players equal opportunities in a vitamin gameplay.

What are Nomini vitamins and what can you do with them?

Vitamin is an internal casino currency that can be purchased various bonuses on the site. In the Casino Main Menu there is a special "Store" department, where you can exchange these points on various types of bonuses and promotions. Free spinyIs special cash bonuses without a deposit or much greater with the requirement of payment. Just have the right number of vitamins and you can buy them at any time. Awards for vitamins are always available and only from the player depend on when it receives them. It is worth noting that the operator regularly adds new prizes. Thanks to this, you can always count on receiving something original.

Promotion Rules

The race on game machines has been covered by the terms of use. Therefore, every person planning to take part in the promotion should be familiar with it. Here are some of the most important points:

  • The minimum bet rate is 0.30 Euro.
  • The tournament will be important if at least 50 players will take part in it.
  • For every 1 euro placed in selected games, the user will receive 1 point in the tournament.
  • Before taking part in the tournament, the player must deposit at least AUD 80 in the casino.


Tournaments in online casinos are becoming more and more popular among players. Most often they last a few days and the user must constantly watch his result. In the case of a monthly race at the Nomini casino, the case looks completely different. The competition lasts a whole month, which means that you do not have to watch your results every day and simply play every few days to remain on one of the first items. Do not wait - Log in to Nomini and check if you are the best on game machines.

For many years I have been passionate games and not only. I decided to share my passion with other users to prove that this fun is not as bad as it is in our country. Playing with game machines can be just as interesting, how to play any other video games. As a happy Game Console Holder, I can sign it without hesitation.
Internet casino is a huge online game department and I realize that beginner users can feel lost. It is for them that I create my texts in which it tries to present all the most important issues, facilitating the final decision.