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Last update: November 14, 2022

Welcome offer EnergyCasino in a live casino

September 30, 2022

The possibility of playing in the live casino EnergyCasino always welcomes extra emotions. Connection with a professional dealer and gambling greeting this from a stationary casino is a treat for every fans of random games and every user should at least try this fun. Energy Casino tried to meet all his users and made a special welcome bonus, thanks to which they can enter the fascinating world of live games and see how it really looks. There is even AUD 1250 to pick up.

Few Casino It can afford a welcome promotion in a live casino. Therefore, you should appreciate this possibility, pick up the bonus and try the best live versions. If anyone has already participated in the LIVE gameplay, it will definitely use this chance. In the event that someone has not participated in a live casino yet, it is an ideal opportunity to try "what they are on" and find out for this fascinating game. Here is the Welcome offer in EnergyCasino - a live casino bonus.

Presentation of promotions in Energy Casino

The bonus is obtained in an identical way as in the case of a standard welcome offer in a live casino. Therefore, if someone has already received any welcome promotion - he should deal without the slightest problem. Only the promotion conditions differ, but this is obvious due to different games specifications. In the live casino, it is mainly used from table games, in which money rotation is much easier than on popular game machines. Therefore, it is not surprising that the conditions of use are slightly more demanding.

To pick up a welcome promotion, fill a few simple steps:

  1. Register an account in Energy Casino.
  2. Make a deposit with the use of the promotion "Welcome to a live casino".
  3. Play a live casino in games from Evolution Gaming.

There are as much as AUD 1250 to be received, which are calculated as 25% from the deposit. This means that if someone decides to pay AUD 200, it will receive 25% of the premium, or AUD 50. At your disposal, it has 250 AUD in a live casino. In the event that someone pays another amount, the calculations are analogous and the bonus is always ¼ of the deposit.

Certainly, everyone will take into account the fact that the conversion rate is relatively low, but as described above, the creators had to go with the terms of promotion down according to larger sums that can be rotated in these games. It is very possible that 50 zlotys from the above bonus will bring more benefits than AUD 200 on game machines. Therefore, before taking part in the promotion, it is worth getting acquainted with all the and against and make decisions adapted to your needs and skills.

Promotion Rules

Promotion Regulations are an extremely important issue and everyone should always read it. EnergyCasino will write all the rules very well from the Bookmark with the promotion and everyone can get acquainted with them a few moments. Here are the most important of them:

  1. The offer is valid until 31.10.2022.
  2. The bonus can only be used in games shared from the Evolution Gaming studio.
  3. The promotion is valid only when the user will perform at least 50 rounds from the selected game during the first day of use.
  4. The minimum height of a single plant is AUD 25.
  5. Players will receive 25% from the amount paid as a refund for losses incurred on the first day of the promotion.
  6. The minimum return value is 125 PLN, and a maximum of AUD 1250.


A live casino promotion is very rare. Therefore, if someone has the opportunity to participate in the offer providing any bonus in this fun - should seriously consider their share. Receiving up to 1250 AUD on offer for new players is a big chance. Bonus specification meaning that the player receives money as a refund, means that the risk of losing drastically. If someone is a leg, he can always use a refund to play.

For many years I have been passionate games and not only. I decided to share my passion with other users to prove that this fun is not as bad as it is in our country. Playing with game machines can be just as interesting, how to play any other video games. As a happy Game Console Holder, I can sign it without hesitation.
Internet casino is a huge online game department and I realize that beginner users can feel lost. It is for them that I create my texts in which it tries to present all the most important issues, facilitating the final decision.