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Last update: January 22, 2022

Will the live casino will be replaced by a stationary casino?

January 22, 2022

. When in Igaming, a live casino began to appear, everyone received them rather as a small addition to the casino game. The launch of such a service was a big venture that the offer of force was quite modest. Even today you can see that typical Live casino It is incomparably smaller to the standard online gameplay. The statement is that the live casino functions thanks to one supplier, would not be a big deficiencies. The truth is that if Evolution Gaming turned off his servers, most online casinos would not have live live options at all, while others would offer several tables. Despite the strong development of internet technology and broad availability to play in live mode, it is difficult to talk about the extraordinary popularity of the game in Live mode, which in theory could replace stationary salons. There is still a rotting VR, which is still known very little.

Standard Live Casino VS Classic Stationary Casino

The live casino gameplay was to be a killer of standard games salons. The player received the same, without the requirement to leave the house. Yes, the game in Live mode involves completely different feelings, but it does not fully reflect the emotions associated with "real" fun. Limited places at the table, a real dealer that responds to every player movement and the requirement to comply with specific rules, have a huge impact on play, but this is not yet.

Today Internet casino By default, they share several dozen positions with the option of playing live and for now the players are enough. In the Fun section in Live Development mode, there is no virtually no longer. What players have been achieved and from time to time can only be noted that gaming suppliers offer new games. Therefore, there is no way that today's casino live was replaced by a real gameplay. Perhaps other technologies will allow it. Finally, on the horizon, a new, getting a drop-down solution - VR appeared on the horizon.

Will the virtual reality bring a revolution in Igaming

An increasingly popular solution in standard video games - VR may turn out to be something that Igaming was missing. Live casino in a completely virtual form, where you can move together with other players after a real building with professional dealers, not science-fiction, just something that is at your fingertips. The standard live casino gave only a substitute for feelings related to a real gameplay. In contrast, virtual reality can offer what players have missed - full of experiences.

As with all ambitious projects, you can come across a mass of large stairs with the difficulties with which it has not been advised to this day. The first case is the device for VR. Technology is still in the welcomes and the acquisition of adequate goggles, it is a fairly large expense that hardly anyone wanted to spend extra money.

The possibility of a virtual stroll is a real casino building and interaction with the surroundings are certainly a very interesting vision that will be possible at the earliest in a few years when VR will be generally available and perhaps this standard, as a smartphone today in the pocket of almost every person.

Charm of real stationary casinos

Which not to talk about casinos in the original version, I must admit that they have their charm, which will rather hard to replace. Stationary casinos have something that makes the customer feels prestige. All this shell, professionally good dealers and above all - big money. Of course, not all casinos look like from James Bond's films. However, shrines of this kind will certainly survive for a long time - regardless of advanced technologies related to playing online. After all, everyone who loved Igaming should go to Las Vegas, or other famous place with luxury casinos. One thing is certain, experiences related to a visit to such a game salon are incomparable with any online service. And for the next decades, nothing will change in this matter.

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