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Last update: November 14, 2022

Reload Bonus Zetcasino to pick up every weekend

October 21, 2022

The deposit promotions are the best offers that can be obtained in online casinos. Gambling fans can have a different opinion on this subject, but no one will deny that this is the bonuses with the requirement to pay the best conditions for use. The creators of Zetcasino decided to enable the enabled by their users a huge renewable bonus with a deposit. Every week you can get as much as AUD 2,500.

The statement that receiving this promotion is a great opportunity to slightly slightly. Finally, an opportunity is something that can escape from the nose. In this case, however, it is otherwise - the promotion is available all the time. After all, if someone will delay too long, he will miss a few weeks of answering a reload bonus in Zetcasino. Therefore, it is worth convincing all the advantages of this promotion and decide to independently whether it fits into individual requirements of a specific user.

How does the Weekend Reload Bonus in Zetcasino look like in practice?

The promotion looks very similar to the welcome offer in this casino. Interestingly, the bonus for new players provides a smaller maximum amount. Despite the fact that the conditions of use are certainly standing on the side of the welcome bonus, the renewable bonus should be noted.

You can pick up to AUD 2,500 and once a week. Money is calculated according to the amount of payment in mind - the bigger the deposit, the larger the monetary bonus. The bonus is scaled as 50% deposit, which means that if AUD 100 paid, Casino Get an additive in the form of AUD 50. If anyone can afford a higher payment, which, for example, 1000 AUD - the operator will add 500 AUD bonus and the player can have a $ 1500 quota.

It is worth noting that in the case of exceeding a deposit threshold of AUD 200, the casino will give not only a bonus in the form of 100 PLN, but also 50 free spins. Thanks to this, the user can get a very large bonus, because it really never knows what winnings will go on machines. Of course, all the money gained from free spins are awarded as a monetary bonus to which you must rotate a certain number of times.

How can I pick up a weekly bonus?

The creators have made every effort to make their promotion as easiest to pick up. In the end, this is a kind of binding transaction from which the benefits of both the casino and users. That's why everything must be easier. To pick up the promotion, several conditions must be met and follow these steps:

  1. Logging in to your casino account or registering new if you do not have.
  2. Contact customer service in order to ask for a commissioning of promotions on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  3. Posting the minimum amount eligible for promotion (AUD 80).

After completing the above steps, the bonus should appear on the user's profile. Then it remains only to use it according to the conditions given in the regulations.


  1. Promotion can not be combined with other bonuses.
  2. The minimum and maximum bonus amount is 40 and AUD 2,500 for payments, amounting to 80 and 5000 zlotys.
  3. The minimum payment entitling to receive an additive in the form of 200 free spins is AUD 200.
  4. The promotion is available for the first deposit of Friday Saturday or Sunday.
  5. The Casino Administration decides about the granting of free spins. That is why they are only an additive that may, but does not have to be added to the promotion.
  6. The maximum possible rate using a bonus is AUD 20. If someone exceeds this condition, the promotion will be canceled by the administration decision.
  7. Before you can withdraw money from the promotion, turn 30 times in the case of a monetary bonus and 40 times in case of winnings from free spins.


Zetcasino has proved again that it belongs to the world's leading casinos and does not intend to give way to your place. 50% Bonus from the deposit, up to AUD 2,500 available every week - with such a promotion, hardly anyone can compete. Therefore, we recommend joining the satisfied group of Casino Zetcasino and regular use of one of the existing market promotions.

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