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Last update: December 28, 2022

Seven welcome offers from 7signs

December 28, 2022

Behind the 7signs casino, it stands better and better recognizable on the Rabidi N.V igaming market. The company conducts a fairly aggressive promotional policy, of which of course will take advantage of players. The assumptions are very simple. You must provide them with such affordable and diverse promotions so that everyone can choose something for themselves. We have recently described the promotional offer of another service belonging to Rabidi. In that case, as many as 5 different start options were offered. 7Signs, as the name suggests - provides 7 offers, among which everyone will find something for themselves. The creators have tried to make something for all the most important types of casino fun and for different types of players. In the end, not everyone can afford a huge first payment.

Presentation of the welcome offer in 7signs

If someone is a permanent visit to online casinos, it probably guess what can wait on 7Signs. Seven different options for seven different types of players. It is worth noting that you can only choose one of the bonuses, so everything should be very well thought out. There is no place for hopeful decisions here. Therefore, all offers will be presented below. Thanks to this, the choice will be easier.

Start bonuses in 7Signs

  • 100% bonus from the deposit, up to AUD 2,000 + 100 free spins. The simplest kind of promotion. Provides a decent bonus with the addition of free spins.
  • Bonus of up to AUD 4,000 in 3 different monetary additives. Something for those who want to have more options. Three consecutive bonuses (100, 50, 50%) admit to 2000, 1000, 1000 PLN. The player does not have to decide on one big payment because he has three chances.
  • Addition to payment of 50%, up to AUD 4,000. COS for advanced players. One big bonus, which has a slightly smaller converter, but immediately provides access to a very large pot of money.
  • 200% bonus from the deposit, up to AUD 200. Offer directed for those players who can not afford high payments. All you need is AUD 100 deposit, and Casino I will award as many as AUD 200 premium.
  • Free spiny: AUD 4 Payment = 1 Rotation. A very interesting option that allows you to choose players how much they want to receive free spins. The grant rules are very clear. The upper limit is 500 turns for payment, amounting to AUD 2,000.
  • 15% Cashback for live casino. Offer targeted only for live casino fans. The player will receive a 15% refund of the funds from all losers that happened to him within a specified time.
  • 10% Cashback for all casino games. A slightly smaller carhback, but let no one go to pass. In this case, the user receives a partial refund of all casino games.

From the above promotions, everyone should be able to choose something for themselves. There is something for fans of standard casino games, live gameplay, and offers for more and less affluent players. When starting an adventure in 7signs, everyone will choose something for themselves without any problem.

Terms of use of welcome offers in 7 Signs

Each of the seven casino offers has its individual terms and regulations. Therefore, before making a decision, everyone should be checked. The creators tried to create them in such a way that they present one level, but you can always come across small differences. Here are the most important points of regulations:

  • The minimum deposit, eligible to grant promotions is AUD 80.
  • 1 Free Spin has a value of AUD 4.
  • Payments implemented using Skrill and Neteller websites will not participate in the promotion.
  • The required turnover for bonuses is 30-fold payments, and for winning 40-fold spins. (Some promotions may vary).
  • Not all games will charge a turn. A full list of excluded production can be found in the Promotion Regulations.

All points are much more and it is worth to look at them before activating the bonus.


7SIGNS is a very interesting service that will certainly show that there is a new one on the Igaming market. Such a spectal promotion will impress. Therefore, you should follow events related to this service. We encourage you to play - 7 characters, it must be a happy number!

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