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Last update: February 17, 2022

The oldest casino in the world from 1638 works to this day

February 20, 2022

In recent years, we are all witnesses of huge changes to the international gambling market. Stationary casinos that dozens have functioned, and sometimes even hundreds of years, they close their doubles, and a few others appear on the internet in their place. Did anyone wonder how once gambling and the first casino looked like? When there was no internet, gaming machines and you had to get out of the house (sometimes very far) to play random games for money.

Historians agree that the first official casino was opened in 1628 in Venice. Casino di Venezia has survived the test of time and does not stand to be evaporated by young websites. It's a brand that enjoys very popular worldwide. If a fan of gambling will appear in Venice, this is one of its obligatory places to visit. A beautiful XVII-Eternal building makes a great impression. From the outside presents a piece of interesting architecture, and inside a modern game salon, which has been adapted to all modern solutions, while maintaining all the most interesting places associated with the history of this building.

Historia Kasyno of Venice

The first official casino was first known under a different name Ca 'Vendramin Calergery. It was opened in 1628, From the place becoming one of the most popular places in the 17th-century Venice. Down casino People from all over Europe came, quickly becoming one of the best places to meet in good company. Initially, the building was connected to a theater known as Il Ridotto. People walking on performances could then go on a games room where they gave up their favorite entertainment. The interior was decorated with images of famous Italian painters - Francecco Guardi, Pietro Longhi. Gambling came so well that in Venice alone, 100 additional game salons were opened until the end of the 17th century.

The casino was closed in 1774. After reopening, today's name Casino di Venezia has already adopted. Since then, it has been working continuously and enjoys a lot of popularity among fans of gaming games and tourists.

Casino XVII century - what was grany about 400 years ago?

Certainly, at this moment everyone imagined tables for roulette or bones. Reality, however, was slightly different, and these popular games appeared only about 100 years later. It was played at today practically forgotten games. The first of them was Basense. This is a card game that reminds Blackjack and Blackjack. Another, today, Biribi was forgotten today, which was a simple lottery with the possibility of hitting 70 different results. The game consisted in the draw from the bag by "Croupier". If someone has succeeded, he received a winnings of 64 times the plant. As you can see, the casino advantage was quite large. Historians believe that in Casino di Venezia, you could also play Bakarata. In the end, this card game appeared in Italy long before opening the first casino.

Who could go to the casino?

The whole Dress Code was in force throughout the building. This meant that they were able to play only noble born. Men had to wear a fashionable hat at that time called tricornas and face covering, which could remove it partly. Women were obliged to wear masks that completely covered their faces.

Today, the casino looks completely different, but its principles still remain quite strict. This is a luxurious place to which "straight from the street" will not come. Fans of random games should properly prepare, because it can still be not included - completely as 400 years ago.

Casino history

Despite all the greatest changes when it comes to playing random, they have taken place only in the last century, it is worth finding out what this interesting phenomena looked like. In the end, the gambling is saved in the DNA of a man and most likely accompanied him forever. Perhaps most people go to Venice for a different purpose, but getting to know the gambling cradle is a huge opportunity next to which you can not go (swim) indifferently.

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