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Last update: February 19, 2022

Three different welcome bonuses in Cadabrus casino

December 20, 2022

All players look around for the possibilities of welcome offers. The rules are very simple. It wins the online casino that provides the best starting conditions for new users. Competition on the market is so big that it is very easy to lose everything. Different websites offer other forms of bonuses, along with individual terms of use. An experienced user exactly aware of what to look for in the selected offer for new players. This time we will look at the promotion prepared by the young Casino Cadabrus. The Website Operator has prepared three different bonuses for three different types of players. Thanks to this, every person adjusts the chosen promotion to their needs. There will be something for people who can not afford a great payment, as well as those who immediately devote a significant sum of money to start. This is the Kadabrus welcome package.

Presentation of the Cadabrus casino welcome package

Creating Welcome bonus, It is very important to create such an offer that will be directed for the widest possible group of players. This can be done using one bonus that will have a very extensive framework for action or several that will be characterized by various actions. CADABRUS casino creators decided on this second option. In this way, every user can choose what will match him.

Here are 3 bonus offers Cadabrus

  • 800 AUD Cashback in the casino - The user receives a refund of 10% of the first deposit loss. This means that if someone pays AUD 200 and unfortunately, you should have a leg during the game with the result of the loss of all money, will receive a refund of 10% from AUD 200 = AUD 20. This is a kind of security, thanks to which it really never loses, receiving a second chance to play.
  • 200% bonus, up to AUD 400 - A slightly smaller promotion that offers a lower bonus amount. Her advantage is a very high converter from the deposit. All you have to do is decide to deposit AUD 200, and the casino will give it as much as AUD 400 in the form of a bonus. The conditions are very affordable, but the maximum promotion limit is on a relatively low level. Therefore, if anyone targets at a greater bonus, he should pay attention to the third option.
  • 100% bonus, up to AUD 2000 + 100 free spins - The offer was addressed to people who want to start their adventure in Cadabrus Casino with a speck. Requirements are much larger, but the maximum amount amounting to AUD 2,000 is impressive. In this case, the casino pays to users with the equivalent of the deposit paid. In the case of AUD 600 - the bonus will amount to AUD 600 etc. It is worth paying attention to 100 free spins that will be awarded in packages after 10 pieces per day.

As you can see, the range of offers is quite a wide and potential player easily choose something to their abilities. Many casinos forget about less wealthy players who can not afford huge payment to start. In this case, all you need to do is pick up the second offer with excellent premium calculation conditions.

CADABRUS welcoming promotion regulations

A key issue at each promotion is its regulations. In this case, each option may differ on some issues, so the player before taking a final decision, he should study carefully. The most important points to what attention should be paid to this minimum and maximum deposit qualifying for promotion and the requirement of trading granted to the bonus. In each offer for technical reasons, certain values were changed, making them better adapted to the capabilities of the casino and the users themselves. With each promotion, a Live Chat option has been added to be able to customer service if any doubts.


Cadabrus is a young and extremely interesting casino with an original idea. Each fan game fan should familiarize yourself with this triple offer, which will surely satisfy their needs. We wish you good hits on Cadabrus machines. Who knows - maybe with the chosen premium will be able to pick up some interesting win.

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