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Last update: October 14, 2022

Up to 90% of payment bonus for active Vulkan Vegas users

October 13, 2022

The fact that new users receive exceptional bonuses in online casinos, is a fact known for a long time. Vulcan Vegas. He decided to change something and provide special promotions with his permanent users, thanks to which they would be able to receive exceptional promotions at regular intervals. The loyalty program is the first step. Promotions that unlock for people achieving a specific level of advancement are another add-on ensuring that the Vulkan Vegas casino fans will not look for other gambling services.

This time, it was decided to introduce a slightly enigmatic promotion, which is called "90% bonus bonus". What does this actually mean and what you need to do to pick up its contents? We will try to respond to all these questions below that every fan of Vulkan Vegas knew what he had to do to make him maximize him.

Presentation of Vulkan Vegas promotion

The creators are trying to provide their clients as easier to play as possible and simplify the opportunity to pick up promotions. Here's what you need to do to be able to take part in the promotion. At the very beginning, it is worth mentioning a few words about the loyalty program, which plays a key role here.

The program for regular customers has been implemented so that the regulars will receive better and better fun opportunities. Times when the best possibilities receive new users, they leave a little into non-not. For rotating money, players receive loyalty points and after exceeding subsequent thresholds, they go to a higher level. The maximum level that can be achieved has number 10. Fortunately, this does not mean the end of attractions. After reaching the last level, the player unlocks a promotion that provides 90% of the premium from payment.

Required steps to receive promotions

  1. Casino registration.
  2. Getting the highest possible level in the loyalty program.
  3. Activating the promotion that will be available every Thursday and Friday.

Activation is very simple. Just go to your Vulkan Vegas casino account and click the "Available Bonuses" tab and pay to your account at least 40 PLN, and the bonus will automatically appear on your user account.

Height and use of Vulkan Vegas promotion

It is very interesting that the creators decided to introduce promotions, whose conditions change depending on the level of level in the loyalty program. The percentage of the payment calculation on the bonus increases from 10 to 90% (in a level of 10). The maximum amount of the bonus is AUD 800. This means that if someone pays 100 AUD and has the highest level of loyalty, he receives as much as AUD 90 bonus and can play for AUD 190.

In turn, if someone wants to receive a maximum amount of AUD 800 at 90% bonus, it must pay approximately AUD 888 or more. In this case, you can play as much as about 1700 AUD and every week.

The money granted is in the form of a bonus, which means that it must be rotated 40 times within 5 days. Only then is it moved to a general casino balance and you can do with him what you like.

Promotion Rules

The promotion is subject to general terms of casino bonuses. Therefore, if anyone wants to familiarize yourself with its details, it should go to the footstep and search for "bonuses' regulations. That's where all the most important details about the casino bonus will be there.

Bonus can be used on gaming slot machines excluding several dozen titles listed in the casino regulations. The maximum rate of a single plant using the promotion is AUD 20. The User may follow the progress of the bonus turnover on his account.

One person can use one promotion. Breaking this principle can carry very serious consequences, including the removal of the account.


The new Vulkan Vegas promotion is an ideal example that all users have the same rights. The creators have opposed the unwritten principle that the best promotions are only available for new users. A weekly bonus makes everyone plan to plan their next payment to bonnet, enabling even larger winnings.

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