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Last update: November 29, 2022

Tournaments for everyone in Zet Casino

November 29, 2022

Tournaments start to play an increasingly important role in online casinos. Some time ago, you could only take part in them during a promotional action organized by the casino and manufacturer of the selected machine on which players were to have fun. However, they are more and more often encountered as a standard promotion, which renews immediately after the end of a given round, and the only change that occurs games in which users have to have fun. The ZET Casino operator decided to use the time of popularity tournaments on game machines and made a separate department where everyone will find something for themselves.

Various tournaments in Zet Casino

The owners of the Website decided to collect everything that best in tournaments on games for games and added a little from each other so that the experience of fun was the best. Everyone can choose from many different tournaments, all of which are something different from the previous ones. The choice is so big that everyone will choose something for themselves, taking into account the prizes, requirements, games and many other aspects.

Available events

ZET Casino almost always provides about 10 different events. At this point, the following options are available:

  • Festive race - Special Christmas event in which there is a prize pool of up to EUR 10,000 and various additional gadgets such as iPhone 12 Pro Max, MacBook Pro and others.
  • Week slot - Standard, weekly race on the game machines selected by the operator. There is a prize pool that amounts to 110,000 loyalty points, which will be divided between the top 10 players. At the end of each week, players receive prizes and everything is reset to the initial state with the change of the game.
  • Top producent – An interesting form of the tournament in which you can play in most games from the selected manufacturer. The event takes a whole month after which another software provider is selected. There are up to 250,000 loyalty points that will be divided between the top 10 players.
  • Month - A tournament operating on very similar principles as "Top Manufacturer". 250,000 loyalty points are to be obtained. You can have fun with many different slot machines.
  • Live Casino Tournament - The only type of tournament in which you can play other games than Game machines. The event is directed for the casino fans in live mode and lasts a week. 110,000 loyalty points are to be obtained.
  • Prizes and winnings - A very popular type of tournament in online casinos, which lasts a week and provides a prize pool of up to 32,000 euros.
  • November Games - A tournament organized in cooperation with Playtech. There is a prize pool of up to 3,000 + 5,000 euros. The event lasts a whole month and rewards as many as 200 best players.
  • Warming up before December - An event organized together with YGGDrasil. It is up to 4,000 euros that are distributed for the 80 best users.

Some of the above tournaments are available only for a specified time, and others are regularly renewed. Thanks to this, a mixture of perfectly met offers, with innovative that can always surprise something.


All tournaments have been determined by specific conditions of use, which may vary depending on the type of event from which they use. Therefore, each player should always make sure that the present conditions are responsible. Particular attention should be paid to:

  • Type of prize - Loyalty points, bonus money or real money.
  • Minimal plant - Height should not be too big.
  • Begin and ending the tournament - No one should start playing in the tournament, which is already after halfway.
  • The minimum number of participants - If it is too high, if you do not get the determined level of the player, it can be canceled.

In addition, it is always worth visiting the detailed regulations available at every tournament.


Tournaments are an excellent option to increase winnings on automatons. In the end, if someone wants to tear and, by the way, he will take part in one of the above events, he will always increase the likelihood of winning money. Not only that he gains money from the game itself, he will receive an adequate award from the tournament for taking a suitable place. That's why there is nothing to wait for. Log in to Zet Casino and take part in one of many currently available tournaments.

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