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Last update: December 5, 2022

Weekend accessories in Spin Million

December 5, 2022

Spin Million is an extremely interesting gambling. If there is such a large competition on the market, you have to distinguish something. The casino operator decided on a very interesting policy on promotion, which seems to bring its results. Casino It provides its customers a whole lot of small promotions at any time. There are already 5 bonuses from deposits already on the start. Then you can receive 10 bonuses with 30 free spin or multiple blends of free spins and a monetary bonus.

This time, we will focus on the weekend and what you can get at the end of the week in Spin Million. As befits this gambling service. A very affordable bonus offer was tried, which is more interesting from those that can be picked up from Monday to Friday. Nothing is strange - in the end the weekend is a fun time and at this time a greater part of players will want to pick up a high deposit bonus. The operator is perfectly aware of this and made it available to his recipients the possibility of receiving a multiple bonus with 50 free spin and a bonus from a deposit, amounting to 50%, up to 500 euros.

A few simple steps to pick up the promotion

Receiving one of several weekend promotions Spin Million is very simple. If anyone has experience with internet casinos, it will do it virtually automatically because the launch of the bonus looks like any other bonus from the deposit. The novice should book around a quarter of a quarter ( an additional time to send money).

  1. Registering an account in Spin Million.
  2. Go to the batch with promotions.
  3. While there is Saturday and Sunday you can go to the promotion of "Weekend Additions".
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Promotion Regulations and adjust the payment in such a way as to get the optimal amount of the bonus.
  5. Posting money to Spin Million account and picking up promotions.

As you can see, the principles are quite clear. The most important point of the promotion is to familiarize yourself with the regulations because only this way you can use the promotions in the best way. There are as many as 50 free spins and up to 500 euros to be picked up, but to receive such an amount, you must make a deposit consistent with the guidelines from the Promotion Regulations.

Particular attention should be paid to a minimum deposit, which is EUR 30 (or equivalent in a different currency). Posting a smaller amount will make the user can not pick up the bonus. If someone wants to receive a cash bonus and free spins, he should pay at least 100 euros.

As befits this operator, the user can use the promotion three times a day. This means that one day can be obtained up to 1500 euros + 150 free spins, and throughout the weekend 3000 euros and 300 free spins. Perhaps a single promotion will not do any impressions on anyone, but if you take full opportunity, it breaks a huge part of the offers available in the Igaming sector. You can also not forget that promotions renew every weekend, which further increases its possibilities. Nobody must worry about when one week will escape. You can always wait a few days to the next weekend to enjoy the next bonus to play.

Spin Million Promotion Regulations

The bonus regulations are identical to all other promotions in Spin Million. The most important points to which you should pay attention to this:

  1. The minimum deposit for receiving a bonus is 30 euros.
  2. The minimum deposit to pick up free spins is 100 euros.
  3. Money is granted in the form of a bonus with a marketing requirement, amending its 35 times.
  4. It is always worth checking which games are covered by 100% turnover.


Spin Million provides its customers an interesting way to approach bonuses. If someone likes practically unlimited possibilities, he should register his account at the Casino without hesitation. In this case, up to 3000 euros and 300 free spins each week are available. Do not wait. Join the casino and receive your promotion now, and perhaps with her use, we will be able to hit some interesting prize.

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