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Last update: September 11, 2022

Weekly Bonus in Vulkan Vegas with Variable Terms of Use

September 8, 2022

Operator Casino Vulkan Vegas He took part with an extremely interesting offer. Users can take advantage of the bonus revenue every week, which may vary for each player. Its height and conversion in relation to the payment is scaled as the level increases in the loyalty program.

Strongly simplifying - the longer the player is playing in Vulkan Vegas - the better their conditions of the weekly bonus. However, before we go to the details of the Renewable Bonus from the deposit, it is worth familiarizing with the operation of a loyalty program that has a very big impact on it.

Loyalty program at the Vulkan Vegas casino

Casino creators try to provide their users as the best fun conditions. It's logical because the competition does not sleep, and players will always be guided in this direction where they have the greatest opportunities. There are as many as 100 loyalty levels that require a concrete number of points. For every 30 AUD rotated in games, the casino grants one loyalty point. Points can be exchanged for money with a course changing depending on which the loyalty stage is located. Of course, the further stage, the better conditions. The conditions of renewable bonus change on the same terms. Here's how individual stages of the loyalty program are present:

  • Royal casino - 1-9 level, (renewable bonus unavailable)
  • Luxor - 10-19 level, (renewable bonus 10% from deposit)
  • Caesars Palace - 20-29 level, (renewable bonus 20% from deposit)
  • Bellagio - 30-39 level, (renewable bonus 30% from deposit)
  • Wynn - 40-49 level, (renewable bonus 40% from deposit)
  • Paris - 50-59 level, (renewable bonus 50% from deposit)
  • Excalibur - 60-69 level, (renewable bonus 60% from deposit)
  • Venetian - 70-79 level, (renewable bonus 70% from deposit)
  • New York - 80-89 level, (renewable bonus 80% from deposit)
  • volcano - 90-99 level, (renewable bonus 90% from the deposit).

Presentation of a weekly bonus

As you can see, the promotion is only available to those players who have been achieved 10 loyalty levels. The bonus is possible to pick up from Thursday to Friday. Therefore, if someone plans to contribute to his casino account, he should consider whether he can wait for the time when he will add a bonus. The exact time frame from 00:00 on Thursday until 00:00 on Saturday. To qualify for promotion, just go into your account in the game salon and click the "Bonusy" tab, select a weekly bonus and deposit a minimum of AUD 40. Account balance will automatically be supplied with the amount of the deposit, with the addition of a converted bonus according to the above coefficient.

The value of the premium granted is greater depending on how a very advanced stage of the loyalty program is a given user. In the case of the highest possible value, which amounts to 90%, the player with each payment receives a very big bonus, which is practically as large as in the case of a welcome offer. On the web casinos on the market, little that operator can afford such affordable players with renewable bonus.

Terms of use of Vulkan Vegas promotion

As standard, for bonuses in casinos, they act according to specific rules. It is no different with a weekly promotion in Vulkan Vegas. The funds are granted in the form of a bonus, which means that before they reach the cash balance, specific conditions must be met. Here are the most important rules for the promotion:

  1. Bonus must stay 40-fold-turned. This means that if someone has 100 AUD bonus, he must turn them on the total sum of establishments, amounting to AUD 4,000.
  2. The promotion is important for 5 days. If the bonus amount is fully used after 5 days, it is canceled.
  3. Maximum amount of won payments from this The bonus is 800 PLN.


The possibility of using the weekly Bonus in the Vulkan Vegas casino is a huge chance for every faster of gaming games. The gambling service offers conditions that allow multiple players to stay in one casino without the need to migrate to other sites that could offer better bonus options. In Vulkan Vegas you can receive a bonus every week, which in practice means unlimited possibilities, because few players can afford such frequent deposits. It is enough to stick to the assumptions of the promotion, to ensure that the level in the loyalty program and a very good bonus will certainly make the game in this gambling service.

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