Gambling should be entertaining that you do in your free time to test your happiness or kill boredom. You should understand not only the benefits, but also the risk that is associated with it. Excessive time spent on the game can lead to gambling addiction. If you think you have recently spending too much time on gambling games, read the following information.

Causes of gambling addiction

There is no unambiguous answer to the question, which leads to addiction to gambling. Addiction have the impact of individual psychological factors, different for each person dependent on gambling. There are cases that the gambling dependence leads greed, but much more often reaches him for the reasons listed below.

Financial problems

If you have problems with financial liquidity, the idea of placing a bet and earning a large sum in a few minutes certainly came to you. You decide to risk a small sum of the money you have, in gambling games, with hope for doubling or tripling the contribution and catching financial breath from your troubles.

Most often, however, you do not carry out this goal and therefore you sit down again to gambling and you risk another sum of money. In the end, not knowing when you are in a wrong whispering wheel and winning, which in no way brings you closer to solving your financial problems.

Escape from reality

People who have a lot of affairs on their heads have a tendency to look for an escape from stress, depression to do not think about problems for a moment. People dependent on gambling in search of escape are guided to traditional or online casinos, in which time runs otherwise for them, and problems for the game time disappear.

Searching for emotions

If you are looking for an entertainment that guarantees adrenaline and thrill emotions, the casino gambling can be very tempting for you. Can there something more exciting than putting a lot of money and waiting for the bet result? It can be a very cool feeling when you quickly manage to make up for money, but sometimes it does not pretend. With time, you start to feel the need to log in more frequent to your account and apply a new strategy that will allow you to let yourself be loss from the previous day.

Symptoms of gambling addiction:

  • New credit cards, more loans and unpaid bills
  • You do not talk about your online cases in fear of being evaluated
  • We often argue with family with financial matters
  • I'm going to work
  • You are scared of thinking that some day you will not be able to play
  • You catch yourself that you combine how to get money on gambling, even in an illegal way
  • You give up your passion
  • You believe that the next time you play, you're getting back and solve your financial problems

How can you protect yourself against gambling problems?

    • Set on your account at the Casino Expense Limit and never put more than you can lose
    • Enable the "Reality Check" function if yours Casino I offer. The "Reality Check" function is a pop-up window that reminds you that it's time to finish the game on a given day
    • Self-exclusion - This option allows you to block access to your account per week / month / 3 months / half year / year.
    • Visit the page for responsible gambling: