Roulette game rules

If you want to play roulette and relate to successes, you must get to know the rules of this game deeply. After getting to know roulette rules and a few trial games, all the rules will be obvious to you. Routing rules can seem complicated at first, but it's only appearances. Take a moment to read this article to better prepare for the game. You will also learn if there are any roulette ways to win.

Roulette basic principles

roulette He is played at the tables. Players use chips that bet on roulette table. Roulette table has the same fields with numbers like a roulette wheel and several additional fields for various types of bets. You will learn about the types of betting types more from the other part of the roulette game rules.

Roulette wheel

We have two basic roulette - American and European varieties. On the wheel for the European roulette we have numbers from 0 to 36, and in the American roulette we have an additional one zero. Half of numbers are placed on a red background and the other half on the black. Field 0 and 00 are traditionally on a green background.

Roulette Rules of the game

After taking a place at the game table, we decide what kind of betting we want to put, that is, we try to correctly choose on what field will stop the ball on the wheel for roulette. After placing the bets, in a traditional Casino, Croupier, and in the online casino computer, throws a ball to the circle. When the ball stops, the casino pays to all players who correctly set the number.

Roulette betting rules

In roulette we have 11 types of plants. Each of them offers various chances of winning and another height of the win. You can bet so many bets as you like. We divide the plants on internal and external. Internal bets are those that we bet within the net with numbers, and the external plants are betting on additional fields, outside the main grid. Bigger chances of winning offer external plants, but this is tantamount to lower winnings.

Internal plants

  • Single number - In this plant, we bet only one number,
  • Two numbers - in this plant, we focus on two numbers by placing chips on a line separating two neighboring numbers,
  • Four numbers - this establishment allows us to bet on four numbers by placing chips in a place where the lines of individual, neighboring numbers intersect,
  • Three numbers - this is a bet in which we focus on three numbers, the token is placed on the row of three numbers,
  • Six numbers - In this plant, we bet six numbers or two lines. The token we focus in a place where the line connects two rows.

External plants

  • Tuzin - We choose whether the ball will stop on fields from 1 to 12 or from 13 to 24 or from 25 to 36,
  • Even odd - we focus on which any even number or any odd,
  • Black / red - in this plant, buy whether the ball will stop on a red or black field,
  • Columns - this establishment consists in betting one of three lines with numbers, eg the first line is numbers 1, 4, 7 up to 34,
  • High / low - This type of establishment allows us to put on low numbers - from 1 to 18 or high - from 19 to 36.

Roulette game rules - minimal and maximum betting rates

Previous information is practically all roulette of the game rules that you need to know. When choosing a game table, you should pay attention to one more case - minimal and maximum betting rates. Individual tables in each casino offer different minimal and maximum betting rates. This means that during each betting round, the total sum of placed plants must exceed the minimum level at a given table and can not be higher than the maximum table rate.

Roulette ways to win

Certainly you are wondering if there are any way or systems that allow you to overcome the casino. We must worry you. Roulette ways to win this an empty password. Many sides try to convince players that using their system, we will regularly win. Unfortunately, there is no system that would allow it. Some systems can let you be on the for a moment, but in the long run and so do not make you start the casino. Winning in roulette is a matter of only happiness.

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