Roulette how to play

Roulette is one of the most popular casinos games around the world. If you are a beginner player and only get to know the world of gambling, then you should start with scratch and find out what roulette is. And how the roulette in the casino works. Among other things, this article was created. In this post you will also find more detailed information about Roulette. In the following, we advise if you can play so that you always leave the winning table. In the article, we also move such topics as a strategy of games and roulette game systems, thanks to which you will learn everything about: roulette how to play to win.

What is roulette

roulette This is a table game in which the final result decides happiness. To play roulette, you do not need any special skills. Naturally without knowing the principles of the game, there is nothing to sit at the table. But when you know them, you will find that the game itself is very simple. Depending on the roulette variety on the wheel to roulette you have 37 or 38 numbers. After half in red and black and in the European roulette one zero, and in the American roulette two zeros. Your task is to choose on which number it will stop on the wheel before the croupier turns the wheel. If you properly choose a number, you get a win.

This is a big simplification, because in roulette you have many different plants for betting, not just a specific number. You can also decide whether the ball will stop on the black or red field, on even or odd number, on dozens: from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 and from 25 to 36. The exact list of all bets in a given game variation can be found in a specific description Roulette in the casino.

How the casino roulette works

Many players just starting an adventure with roulette, has the impression that this is a very complicated and demanding game. Fortunately, the truth is completely different. Roulette, after we will get to know the game table and its principles, turns out to be a very simple and pleasant game, full of emotions and fun.

As we have already mentioned earlier, Roulette is a game that does not require practically any skills and effort. The only thing you need to do during the game is to bet on numbers that will be to fall on the roulette wheel.

Mileage of the game

Each Roulette Roulette Round begins with betting. When all players put their plants, the dealer throws a ball to the roulette circle. The ball always spins in the opposite direction to the movement of the wheel. After a moment, the ball loses speed and lands in one of the pockets on the wheel. If you aptly selected the number - you win, and if bad, you lose your chips. That's all. After a moment, we can bet and the entire procedure starts from the beginning. You already know what roulette is, it's time to learn how to play to win.

Basically, you can say that in this way we have already explained your doubts about: roulette how to win or roulette how to earn. Correctly listen! Literally all this. On the internet you will find many pages or magicians who claim that they know the system for winning in roulette. However, this is not true, such a system does not exist. Read on to learn more about: roulette how to play to win.

Roulette strategy

We will repeat this to boredom, but it is necessary because many players think that they will finally find a magical system for winning. There is no such system. Nothing can find such passwords like roulette how to win or roulette how to earn. Roulette is a random game and there is no possibility to predict what will result in the circle of the wheel. What others are special game strategies. Each roulette strategy can allow you to increase your chances of winning, but that's all. It will not guarantee your success. Below we discuss two strategies that you can use when playing roulette.

System Martingale

This is one of the most popular roulette strategies. Its basic assumption is to double the rates after each loss. This strategy should definitely be used by players who have a large budget. It can not be ruled out that you will lose how many times in a row and you will simply run out more money for another doubling the rate. But because you already know how to run a casino roulette, you realize that only your happiness will decide about winning.

System Andre Martineza.

Andre Martinez invented his own Roulette game system. But just like this one described above, the Martinez system will also not provide you. Martinez accepted the probability of winning in Ruleta for the starting point. According to its strategy, players should bet on the same number 35 times. Unfortunately, like doubling, this is not an effective roulette strategy. The probability of drawing the number we chose in 35 subsequent attempts is less than 61%. And this tells us that in the case of a large bad luck, we will lose our entire budget for a game before we can die away.

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