How do game machines work

Regardless of whether you visited the online casino once in my life or not, you probably know the basic assumptions of classical game vending machines. These machines contain three drums filled with different symbols. The user puts a bet (the rates may vary depending on the machine) and pulls the lever, which causes the rotation of the drums. If the drums land in such a way that all three symbols will be the same in one line (known as the payout line), the player will win. Different patterns present various prizes and winnings.

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Machines online vs classic

Automatic machines often differ slightly from classic slot machines and are more advanced - by offering additional ways to win. Many online slots available to the game do not have three drums and has five or even more. While some people can think that this complicates the game compared to a smaller number of drums, it is worth remembering that it also provides users with more ways to win and for larger cash prizes - along with the added number of drums there is an additional number of paylines that gives larger Chances for winning. While many classic slot machines simply offers prizes for a random hit of the winning symbols that set horizontally on the drums, online slots offer from 9 to 25 winners. This provides players with a huge variety of alternative ways of winning, including lines can be horizontal, oblique or in a zigzag-shaped shape.

Symbols in game machines

Another terminology you need to know when playing on online machines, are "scatter symbols" and

"Wild symbols". Fortunately, they are easily mastered. These are specific symbols that can be found in most online slots. Wild symbol is a symbol that can replace the missing symbol when you miss one symbol for the winning line. For example, if you have four winning symbols in a row, but you miss a valid fifth symbol and the Wild symbol will appear, he will turn, he missing the symbol allowing you to pick up the win! On the other hand, the SCATTER symbol can give players a prize in itself. If the SCATTER symbol falls out, the player will receive a specific cash prize or a bonus game will be enabled - in which he will have an even greater chance of winning additional prizes. For example, check bonus symbols in the popular Rainbow Riches machines. Scatter symbols take various shapes and forms depending on the online machines you play.

Free turn

The last thing to be taken into account is the concept of "free turns" or "Free spiny“. Online casino They can offer a bonus free speed on selected machines that entitles players to turn drums completely free without having to make money to your account or bet. All prizes that you will get after playing free turns will reach your account. Now that you already know how gambling machines work, we can go to explore different types of online games and get acquainted from where slots come from.

Where do the machines come from

Gambling machines are one of the oldest types of gambling games. The first version of the machine appeared in 1891, when Pitmann and Sachs created a machine with 5 drums on which each surface placed poker cards. When players won during the game, the machine did not pay any winnings. Just a bartender offered a few glasses of whiskey. In the 1980s in casinos in Las Vegas, electronic game machines began to appear that differed from typical mechanical gaming machines. These machines were safer than mechanical machines. During this time, a generator of random numbers for electronic slots for games, which made a slot game became even more unpredictable. A new era in the world of gaming machines came with the spread of the Internet. The first online games appeared around 2001 when the first in the world was opened Online casino.

Types of machines

Game slots can be found today not only in a local pub or in a terrestrial casino abroad. These games have been adapted and improved for the Internet era in recent years and are now available in many different casinos online. From classic vending machines one-armed bandit After video machines, progressive machines and Live slots with a real dealer.

Classic machines

The game on classic online machines is simple. After selecting a specific game that you like it, simply enter the amount you want to bet (eg AUD 1) and press the "Spread" button to start the drums. At any time, you can change the amount of the rate (although many jackpot machines have a minimum and maximum factory). As for classic machines with online jackpotes they have a maximum prize that is known as "Jackpot". It is usually a big cash prize. No wonder that machines with jackpots are extremely popular.

Footage Machines

Video machines provide players with more virtual impressions. These Online automata They often contain moving images and complex patterns both on rolls and around them, which allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game and enjoy entertainment. There are many different varieties of online video machines on the internet. They include:

  • Film Slations (eg Wizard of Oz, Jurassic Park, Dark Knight Rises).
  • Video Slots of TV (eg X-Factor).
  • Video and historical themes (eg Temple of Isis, Cleopatra).
  • Space slots (eg Starburst).
  • Sports slots (eg Football Star).

Progressive machines

When exploring the online casinos, you can also encounter "Machines with a progressive jackpot". They are the same as ordinary vending machines with a jackpot, but the size of the Jackpot prize is slowly growing until this progressive Jackpot prize will not be paid and the jackpot will fall. Awards in the form of a progressive jackpot may have different value.

Bonus slot machine

The most popular bonus on the game machines are free turnover. Each online game machine has its own rules and bonuses. There are also Jackpot machines, so to maximize the pleasure, it is worth to take a look at the entire online casino offer, which every slot has to offer. Some players love online slots that resemble classic machines, while other players will soon be absorbed by a flashy, colorful world of video machines. Please note that many temporary bonuses will appear at certain times, for example free spins on all Christmas themes. Always check these seasonal bonuses because they can be on offer only for some time. Never fight to try out a new online machine, who knows, maybe this game machine will become your favorite.

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How gambling machines for coins work

How does the game machine work? The player puts a bet and pulls the lever, which causes the rotation of the drums. If the drums land in such a way that all symbols will be the same in one pay line, the customer wins. In each machine there is another prize and win.

Is the game machines legal

Yes. Automatic machines are online legalBut only in legal online casinos. In addition to the license, the casino should be fair. How to check? Always pay attention to whether the site is legal in your country before you give any personal data or make a deposit.

How to check the casino

Unfortunately, there are also illegal websites that steal personal data and players. Make sure that you use the site you are fully licensed, has good reviews from many users, has a page, has been working for several years, has a Section of Online Help / Player Forum and has a spacious page with conditions. Realtime Gaming (RTG), Microgaming and Playes are programming companies that work only in legal casinos. A good way to test the casino is to the customer service department before registering. If the administration reacts quickly in a professional way, you are in a good place, but it is still worth checking licenses. However, if you feel that something is wrong for any reason, run away from here as soon as possible. It is not worth risking. There are many Gamble sites, choose the best. Check out what we wrote above before registration to make sure that you assume your account is in reality legal.

Pros and cons Casins online

Play at home

The biggest is that you can play at home! You do not need to walk anywhere to play your favorite gambling machines. Just find a good casino and set up an account. The registration procedure is fast and easy. You will have to give personal data, such as name and surname, date of birth and place of residence. Some sites can also ask for the age of age and confirmation of identity - when registering on their site in order to pay you will have to send a picture of proof or driving license.

Minimal plants, greater chances of winning, various payment methods, bonuses, free spins

Another advantage is that you can bet even a few groszy. Just choose the appropriate slot. The payment procedure will vary depending on the site, but it is best to avoid casinos that charge the payment fee. There is often a minimum payment limit (usually from 1 to 20 PLN) and withdrawals (usually around AUD 20). Some sites can also offer a registration bonus after making the first deposit. Remember that you will probably have to turn a bonus to withdraw bonus funds from your account, so before accepting the welcome bonus, check all the conditions.

Other atmosphere

In fact, machines for online games are great fun and advantages are more than defects. The biggest disadvantage is of course the atmosphere - you can not compare games via the Internet with a real terrestrial casino, where the pleasure of the game is quite different.

Can you cheat online machines

All online machines are usually random games. It's a matter of happiness, if you will win or not. On legitimate online gambling sites, each Gamble game is equipped with a technology for generating random numbers - thanks to which the machines always generate patterns completely accidental results. That is why it is worth playing only on proven legitimate pages. Can you fool machines? You can not cheat machines to online games.

Opinion players about the casino

Opinions on online casino are very important when choosing a casino online. In the end, these experienced players know best on which side are better bonuses and where there is the largest selection of games and the largest winning jackpot. If most players advise you to play casino because you can quickly withdraw your winnings in it, this is true. It's only worth looking for reviews for checked pages.

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