Mega joker machine

Mega Joker automat is an example of a classic single-armed bandit machine transferred to the world of online casinos. MEGA Joker Machine will remind you times when one-armed bandit stood in every pub.

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As a classic Mega Joker slot, it offers only three drums and five paid lines, but this does not mean that the game is boring because it has two sets of drums. After hitting each winning combination, you can decide whether you are still in basic mode, do you decide to play on top drums for higher rates and greater winnings. The vending machine offers quite a large pool, including a progressive pool, although it has a limited number of betting rates. Find out more about Mega Joker.

Information about Mega Joker

Mega Joker automat was produced in 2013 by the company NetEnt. Although it's already more than a decade from his launch, the machine is all the time one of the most popular nettent slots. This is obviously due to the fact that it is classic, one-armed banditwho always has his permanent bunch of fans. Mega Joker has 2 sets of 3 drums and 3 rows of symbols. We can not choose paid lines - these are always five.

The game screen is divided into 2 separate drum sets. The lower screen is used to play in basic mode, and the upper screen is used to play in supermeter mode. This mode can be activated after each win in basic mode. A super function in basic mode is also a progressive pool that is granted randomly.

Mega Joker Online automat is very simple. Its service will not make any problems even beginner players. In the machine there are no special bonus rounds, additional mini-games, or round free spins. If you are looking for many functions in the machine, Mega Joker is not for you. In Mega Joker you will also find any animation or graphics.

For the most powerful pages of MEGA Joker, we can include:

  • A supermeter function in which you play higher rates
  • Progressive pool to be won in basic mode
  • No scattering sounds and animations
  • A simple and readable interface
  • Transparent rules of winning

Putting rules

Mega Joker automat is a gambling machine designed for players who have a larger pile of money on the game or to play demo games. Why? We have very little opportunities to maneuver the bet rate. On the lower drums, we can play either for 20 or for 40 chips, in turn on the upper drums we can bet 100 or 200 chips on a single spin. The height of its rate can be increased at the bottom of the game, and the values of the chips can be equivalent to 1.00 euros, 2 euros and a maximum rate of 10.00 euros to rotate.

Main functions and special symbols in the MEGA Joker machine

MEGA Joker automat does not have any special Wild and Scatter symbols known from other video machines. The most important function of the machine is a predetermined supermeter mode in which you are playing with higher winnings and a nice progressive pool that you can randomly hit in basic mode.

Remember that every time you win a basic game, you can decide whether to play on a progressive pool or move to the upper drums. To continue the game, you must click the Collect button. If you do not do this, your winnings will automatically be transferred as a balance to play on the upper drums.

A progressive jackpot in the Mega Joker machine can only be won by putting a maximum possible bet on a stake of 10 euros. To win the pot, three Joker symbols must hit the winning line.

Free spiny

Mega Joker is a very classic machine and does not offer such bonus functions as Free spiny. In a sense, the supermeter function can be treated so because we do not use our balance for the turnover and winning the game in basic mode. However, if you do not look, these are our winnings. If you are a lover of free spins, Mega Joker is definitely not a vending machine for you.

How to win on Mega Joker

Winning on the MEGA Joker machine belongs to very trivial and easy. We only have five paid lines that are active with each spin. Symbols are primarily traditional fruits. On the bottom drum we have such symbols like lemon, cherries or watermelons. On the upper drum, in addition to symbols from the lower drum, we still have a symbols of grapes, oranges and happy seven. In addition to them, large winnings still offer combinations made of chest and bells. The most lucrative symbol in Mega Joker, who offers the highest winnings, is the title figure of Joker.

As always before starting the game, take a look at the payout table, where you will find information about all symbols, combinations and wins. Potentially large winnings in the Mega Joker machine are waiting for you, for example, in supermeter mode. When you bet 100 chips and to the middle drum you will hit Joker, you will receive a surprise prize of 100 - 2000 chips for every joker. A similar win can be hit at a foundation for 200 chips for Joker on one or more drums. 2000 tokens to the highest win you can get in supermeter mode.

The main win on the Mega Joker machine

The main win on the Mega Joker machine depends on the game mode. The aforementioned 2000 chips are the main win in supermeter mode. In turn, the highest winning in Mega Joker is a progressive pool that can achieve really a lot of size. On average, the progressive pool reaches about 10-12 thousand. euro. It's cool that even after winning, the pool does not resume, only returns to the basic level, so you always have the opportunity to win it.

A list of casinos offering a Mega Joker automat

Here you will find a list of best online casinos that offer a Mega Joker machine. Check that you offer the best Welcome bonus And use it on the Mega Joker machine.

Mega Joker automat in numbers

Number of drums2 sets after 3
Max. Win2000 chips, progressive pool
Number of paid lines5
Min. Rate20 chips
Max. Rate200 chips
Year of production2013
Special functionsSupermeter function, progressive pool, mysterious winnings


Mega Joker automat is a classic one-armed bandit that offers known fruit symbols. Although the game is a classic, it offers a very interesting and extensive game for your level. The largest distingury is two sets of drums - one to the basic game and the second to play in supermeter and a very nice progressive pool that is available in basic mode. The machine does not offer any bonus functions such as free spins or mini games. On the slot machines, we will also find any special symbols. Mega Joker is a very nice gambling machine for those who like fruiting machines. If you like a quieter game, without scattering sounds and animations, we encourage you to try Mega Joker, even in demo mode, for fun.