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Last update: January 9, 2022

Different types of online casino games machines

January 9, 2022

Machines for games are phenomenon, which some fans of gaming did not expect some time ago. Currently, you can play with thousands of high quality slots that occupy a significant majority Every online casino library. Players love them primarily for their diversity, but also a pleasant, non-binding fun. Over the years, many types of gaming slot machines that differ from each other are significantly noticeable. Everything really relies on several basic features of the game. Creators, Interjuating in No, they form further types of machines. For advanced players, it does not matter to which the type of games for games has to deal with, only what changes have been made and whether they are entering into its individual requirements. Here are the most popular changes that can be found on game machines.

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Number of wandering lines

In the case of winning lines, you can see very strong development. At the very beginning of the gaming machines there was only one horizontal line. At that time it was obvious and no one paid attention to their number. It's like to check if the passenger car has 4 wheels. With time, however, the game was modified, increasing the number of symbols on the screen, and thus - the number of winners. Most often encountered Machines for online games These are those that have about 20-50 possibilities to create winnings. Recently, however, Megaways slots are made, which during the game expand their drums and create combinations on the basis of each of each of the adjacent drum. In this case, the number of lines changes during the game and can achieve significantly over 100,000 options.

Number of drums and rows of automotive symbols in online casino

The size of the game screen changed over time and from a single symbol on the first-created machine, over time appeared 2 and 3 (on the second and third drums). People liked greater opportunities and with time 3 drums have become a standard. After passing the internet slot machines, it was decided to even greater extension of games. With 3 drums the standard has become 5, which lasts until today. From time to time, custom titles that offer a more extended gameplay appear, but do not achieve such results as those with 5 drums. It even assumed that games with 3 drums are rather classic titles referring to the beginnings of slots, and 5 rollers are modern machines containing many additional functions. In this case, the machine reached its status quo.

RTP and changing the key to understanding the possibility of winning

The famous RTP coefficient in theory determines the possibility of winning money. The more the better. Why choose the game that has a turn of 93%, since another provides 97%? It turns out that these numbers do not yet give the full state of affairs. The second thing that is worth paying attention is variation of results. It can be high, medium or low. The combination of these features from RTP gives a real opportunity to win. You can have a very high refund, but with adequate won variability it can take place after a very long session. On the other hand, games with a slightly lower RTP give a smaller chance of winning, but already with a shorter session. Depending on the expectations of the player - for one better it will be a higher game, and for the other with a lower RTP.

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Online casino with a progressive jackpot, and maybe not?

From time to time you can come across the tempting suggestions for gaming machines that allow you to join the fight for a huge monetary prize. World records are won with a slot at the level of several dozen million zlotys. Why would anyone have to set up to choose a standard machine, over a progressive jackpot? The answer is simple. The creators must undergo a bit of RTP to finance the main pool of prizes that the chance of hitting is as in our popular "Totku". Therefore, games of this type are treated as temporary stepping, and later it returns to standard gaming machines.

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